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    An Apokoliptian New God with an uncanny ability to bring chaos and discord in her wake, Kaiyo travels the multiverse searching for worlds and champions powerful enough to stand against Darkseid, the Lord of Apokolips. She facilitated the first meeting between Superman and Batman in the New 52.

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    (in Justice League #23.1: Darkseid, Nov 2013)

    Kaiyo was born on the planet Apokolips sometime in the distant past. Apokolips, ruled by the god-king Darkseid, was a place of stark and terrible order, ruled with an iron fist. She was born though, with an insatiable desire for chaos... to be the spanner in the works - the sport, the snake, the beast, the trickster. She kept to the shadows, spreading her works where she may.

    She learned Darkeid's story, that he had been the trickster once upon a time, a mere 'mud-grubber', who had pit god against go and, in the end, stole their power for himself. She took that as inspiration, and encouragement, that the universe or some greater force perhaps had given her this role to play... to bring down the giant that towered over her as that giant had once done himself.

    the chase that doomed worlds
    the chase that doomed worlds

    Darkseid eventually grew wise to her though, and sought her out. He had her cornered, but, necessity led her to discover a new skill: teleportation - and on a grand scale. She found she could travel between worlds, even between dimensions.

    She led him on a long and merry chase, from world to world, dimension to dimension, searching for champions powerful enough to defeat her pursuer. And she did eventually find that world and those champions (in Justice League: Origin), even though Darksied's defeat was not a final one and it was later revealed to her that Darkseid knew of her plans and used her to travel worlds.

    It's yet to be told though, between the two of them, who's schemes will lead to a final victory... perhaps, in the end, history will repeat itself and the trickster will bring death to the god-king?



    (in Batman/Superman #1-4, Aug-Dec 2013)

    Kaiyo makes her first appearance during the early days of Batman's career as a vigilante. Possessing Catwoman, she attacks Batman until a young Superman crashes onto the scene and attempts to arrest Bruce and Selina, believing them to be criminals. Just then, Kaiyo leaves Catwoman's body and teleports Clark and Bruce to Earth 2, where they come face to face with their alternate, older counterparts.

    Kaiyo vs. Earth 2's Wonder Woman
    Kaiyo vs. Earth 2's Wonder Woman

    Kaiyo possesses Lois Lane in hopes of manipulating the two pairs further, but her cover is blown with the arrival of the Earth 2 Wonder Woman who can see her hiding in Lois. Kaiyo bursts forth from Lois's chest and attacks Wonder Woman with a bladed chain weapon. They battle briefly, with Wonder Woman the victor when she uses her lasso of truth to capture her.

    Kaiyo uses the opportunity to sow seeds of doubt and mistrust among the assembled heroes before making her apparent in a flash of light meant to appear as teleportation. Actually though, Kaiyo instead possessed Wonder Woman just as she had Lois (she may have even thrown the fight earlier, intending just such an end).

    Following the clues she gave them, the heroes find the secret military base with the weapon the government planned to use against Superman: a crystal with the power to give you the power to do nearly anything you desire. They rest control o it from the government forces there, and argue about what to do with it: use it or destroy it.

    Kaiyo's motives revealed at last
    Kaiyo's motives revealed at last

    At this point, Kaiyo makes herself known and tells them that this was all her - testing them, to see which world's champions could defend against Darkseid. She tells them that the crystal is their best hope of victory, but that only one world can be spared, and then she departs to see what they would chose.

    The younger New 52 Batman and Superman want to use the crystal, while their Earth 2 want to destroy it, saying that it's too dangerous to keep. Seeing this, Kaiyo makes her choice to go the New 52 Earth and lend her support there.

    She erases the memories of all assembled and leaves with her chosen champions. (The eventual results of this can be seen in both Justice League: Origin and Earth 2: The Gathering).


    Most obviously, she's a trickster - she abhors order and loves all things unpredictable. She tends to laugh at times too, though more in a forlorn way than in genuine mirth.

    She's clever and insightful as well, looking beyond the obvious and always trying to find what motivates others, but she also seems to be mostly non-confrontational, preferring not to fight but instead to use her wits and rely on others to gain her ends.

    In her battles with Earth 2's Wonder Woman for instance, when Wonder Woman challenged her to fight like a god, she did not raise to the bait, and instead let her opponent triumph every time, unconcerned with winning. This shows that she's uninterested in fighting a weaker opponent becasue she doesn't need to, and uninterested in directly fighting a stronger one becasue she knows it would be pointless.

    Darkseid used a somewhat similar tactic when he played the role of trickster, pitting god against god, letting them do in one another, and only stepping in at the lat moment to deliver a death blow when his victory was assured. Perhaps then, Kaiyo plans to do the same to Darkseid when the time comes? Only time will tell.

    Powers & Abilities

    Sending Superman and Batman to the past.
    Sending Superman and Batman to the past.
    Erasing everyone's minds.
    Erasing everyone's minds.
    • Superhuman Strength
    • Superhuman Speed
    • Superhuman Agility
    • Superhuman Reflexes
    • Superhuman Senses
    • Superhuman Stamina
    • Immortality
    • Invulnerability
    • Possession: Kaiyo possess people's bodies,not even beings as Earth-2 Wonder Woman aren't immune to it.
    • Invisibility
    • Intangibility
    • Teleportation: One day by chance discovered that's capable of opening Boom Tubes being then able to cross the Multiverse as well as other dimensions and apparently timelines too. That powers gives Darkseid the idea to create the Motherbox.
    • Flight
    • Dimensional Manipulation: He is able to manipulate the physical dimensions of other people or objects as did with Superman and Batman rendering invisible,inaudible and intangible.
    • Time Travel: Kaiyo was able brought Batman/Superman back to Earth 2 into five year in the past,before their counterparts death in the hand of Apokolips army.
    • Illusion Casting: Not to tell his plans to Wonder Woman since is tied to the Lasso of Truth,Kaiyo cast a a vision of Darkseid upon the skies and and on another occasion to influence the heroes to fight each other for the Chaos Shard.
    • Telepathy: On two separate occasions was able to erase the memories of Batman and Superman as well as their Earth 2 counterparts at the same time,being even capable to complete erase all their memories.

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