Kaisa Leka

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    A Finnish comics maker, who mostly makes comics about spirituality, with her husband. She is also a politician.

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    For Kaisa Leka, the comicbook character, click here.

    Personal life

    Kaisa Leka was born on 1978, with malformed feet. Her life was rough during her childhood and teenage years, because she couldn`t understand why her feet happened to be the way they are. She was also bullied, and she didn`t have all that many friends. She noticed later on, a religious movement called Sri Caitanya Sangha, which explained to Kaisa why these things have happened to her.Around this time, she also met her future husband Cristoffer Leka.

    After years and years of suffering because of her feet, Kaisa decided to get artificial legs. She did, and her experiences about it all has been documented to the book "I am not these feet."

    Afterwards, she has been a politician of Finlands Green party.

    She has biked across various countries, and her biggest journey by bike (with her husband) has been documented to "Tour d`Europe".

    In 2012, she won the won the most important comic-prize of Finland, which is Puupäähattu ( woodhead hat ).


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