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Kairi is a girl born in the world Radiant Garden later known as Hollow Bastion. Her heart is made of the X-Blade. When she was 4, she met Aqua and inadvertently touched her Keyblade. Aqua cast a spell on Kairi in which the light of Kairi's would lead to the light of another. A couple of years later, she was sent to Destiny Islands by Xenahort's Heartless. Xenahort wanted to see the connection between a princess of the heart and the Keyblade chosen bearer. When she was left at Destiny Islands, Kairi appeared one night, confused about why were sparkles coming out of the ocean and were floating until they were in the sky and became stars. Sora and Riku appeared and they both thought she was too pretty. Kairi stayed since that night in Destiny Island with no recollection about her past, but she really didn´t care about recollecting that part of her past, because she was happy at Destiny Islands. She lived there happy with Sora, a 14 year old boy with spiky hair and also with Riku, a 15 year old white-hair boy.

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