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    Kai is Niamh and Sláine's son. Sláine had wished for him to become a warrior, but his mother made him receive training as a druid. when Kai left to search for his father, he found and joined a traveling Circus.

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    Story Arc


    After his father's absence, Kai left the tribe and joined a carnival run by Ukko. There he met The Bog Mummy, Wardo the Shoggy Beast (a lycanthrope) and Estella the sleepless beauty, who he fell in love with. Kai often complained that Estella was being hurt when Ukko and others, tried to keep her awake. Kai, after an outburst, said that he was taking care of her and no one could touch her. Ukko tried to disagree, but backed down after Kai threatened to get violent. Meanwhile, two of the carnival's attractions, Wardo and Sepha, who are both lycanthropes, started fighting. Kai stepped in and intervened and tackled Wardo. Anger Management, arrived and lead Wardo to the prison wagon.

    Later, while Ukko the dwarf introduced one of the carnival’s sideshow acts, ‘The Chitterling’, Anger Management informed him that Wardo had killed himself by inhaling poisonous dragon’s breath from a bag. Kai investigated the carnival’s only dragon, Hardhide and found the bars of the prison coach had been tampered with and the blood on Wardo’s fur from a struggle in which someone else suffocated him by force after breaking into his cell. Estella became Kai’s girlfriend and Kai offered to talk to Estella’s guardian spirits to find out why she cannot sleep, but she declined his offer. After her show in which Estella apparently used pain to stay awake, a regular carnival punter asked Estella for a ‘private session’, which she declines. She then told Kai that when she was a child someone tried to suffocate her with dragon’s breath too, which is why she is now afraid to sleep. While Kai performed his fortune telling act, Ukko tried to sell fake fragments of Slaine’s magic axe, Brainbiter, unaware that Slaine was standing behind him.

    Slain confronted Ukko who called for Anger Management to fight him Slaine, after a quick scuffle Anger Management reveled he was a fan of Slaine and they went out for beers. Kai then meets with his father and fills him in on his own part in the carnival. Kai also takes his father to see Estella.

    The next day, Kai filled Slaine in on Estella’s condition, saying that she naps now and again but her dream guardian won’t let her fall into a deep sleep. Kai then realized that the murderer was actually after Estella. They stopped and watched Crom Dubh and his pet Cath Palus practicing for the night’s show. Suddenly Cath Palus escaped and headed towards Slaine and Kai. Slaine and Cath Palus have a quick skirmish, in which Slaine without effort beheaded the beast.

    Slaine and Kai then questioned the Shoggy family to find more information about Crom Dubh. Skathan did not think he was the killer because he was a drinking companion of Wardo. Sepha, however, is in fear of Crom Dubh, claiming to know of his dark secrets. She revealed he has a fear of gold. The pair then met Estella as she goes for a walk to clear her head. Again she refused to let Kai examine her dreams.

    As Kai becomes frustrated after realizing that any of the Carnival performers could be the murderer, due to their mix of grudges and arcane abilities, Estella is attacked by Black Crom Dubh. He knocks her unconscious, but is met by Slaine. A fight ensued and even though Slaine cuts Crom in pieces he appears to do no harm to him. Crom then knocked Slaine to the ground, taking Brainbiter from him. As he prepared to deal a killing blow, Slaine throws out gold. Crom called out his name and retreated on his horse.

    Estella later said she doesn't remember who tried to kill her. Slaine suggested they get her away from the carnival, as soon as Kai has done his work for the night. Kai helps build up the crowd for The Chitterling, a snake-woman, performing at the same time as Porco the Human Cauldron and Hinky Punk, the Burning Man. Kai tells Estella to quit the carnival with him, but she wants to stay because she regards it as her home.Slaine and Kai discuss what to do about Estella in the same sideshow tent as the shoggy family. As Slaine and Kai decide to leave the tent, Hinky Punk’s corpse candles fly in as if under someone‘s deliberate control, and set light to the fur of Skathan. Slaine smothers the flames with his cloak. The Bog Mummy, who has never left her coffin before, dramatically comes over and points an accusing finger at Sepha, repeatedly saying “you are not a mother!” Sepha tries to attack the bog mummy to shut her up, and Slaine realizes that Sepha was her husband’s killer all along, and he quickly kills her. Kai reavels that she was trying to kill her family because she hated them being a lycanthrope, and was jealous of Estella

    The pair then discovered that maybe Estella is Skathan’s daughter. In the woods, Skathan and Estella find shelter from the rain in a cave, and it turns out that she is indeed Skathan’s daughter. Skathan had been trying to kill her to prevent her from turning into a lycanthrope and that’s why she keeps her awake too. Skathan waits for night to fall so that she can turn into a Shoggy and kill Estella. She almost succeeds before Slaine arrives and throws her to the side. Skathan awakes tied to a stake while the others ponder her fate. Skathan sneers at them, saying that they have secrets of their own and none of them has the right to take her life. The Bog Mummy then steps up and strangles her.

    Slaine decides that it's time to leave the carnival and says goodbye to Ukko, who is cheating his staff. Kai and Estella also decide to leave after Estella slept the night and discovered she did not have the lycanthrope curse.


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