Kai Hudorra

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    Kai Hudorra was a Bothan Jedi Master who survived Order 66.

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    Kai Hudorra was a Jedi Master whom had a long history in the Jedi Order and had been involved in the Clone Wars where he had mainly been helping and training young Jedi Knights. Kai Hudorra was an reluctant witness of the fall of the Republic and the Jedi Order as well as the rise of the Empire


    Kai Hudorra was created by Welles Hartley and Doug Wheatley and first appeared in Star Wars: Republic issue 79 (2005).

    Major Story Arcs

    Dark Times

    He went into hiding after Order 66 and helped out a few Jedi students taking shelter before he eventually went in hiding himself as well. Many months later, two of the few remaining Jedi's, Dass Jenir and Beyghor Sahdett, and a group of rebels, located Master Hudorra and hoped to get him to aid him in their fight against Darth Vader. Hudorra however sensed that the Jedi named Beyghor Sahdett was lying and revealed him to be a spy for the Empire. Together with Dass Jenir, Hudorra managed to defeat Jedi Sahdett. Sahdett however revealed that he had signaled the Empire in and that the Empire would soon come for them. It was at this time that Hudorra and Dass Jenir planned to lure Darth Vader into a trap. Hudorra knew that it would be a futile action and had Dass Jenir taken away from the fight by his friends and fought against Darth Vader himself. After a brief fight, Vader killed Hudorra. However, Hudorra had planned explosions in his hide-out, which where set the moment Hudorra was killed. The explosions wounding Vader, but did not kill him. Hudorra had recorded a message for Jedi Dass Jenir saying how important he was, and that he knew that, whenever there remained a spark, there would always be hope.


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