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Kahvi was created by Wendy and Richard Pini, the creative team behind ElfQuest.


Kahvi is the fiery-tempered Chief of the Go-Backs, and is believed to be the child of the former Wolfriders Chief, Two-Spear. She was until recently unaware of her true heritage, and continued to lead the Go-Backs who are so named for their desire to return to the Palace of the High Ones.

Despite being a decisive and forceful leader, Kahvi has often abandoned her tribe to pursue her own agenda. In fact, she has yet to return from her latest expedition, and her daughter Venka, Aroree of the Gliders, and Two-Edge continue to search for her...

Kahvi was once the lovemate of Rayek, but lied to him to conceal knowledge of his daughter (Venka) from him.

There is some speculation that Kahvi may not be Two-Spear's daughter as his lifemate, Willowgreen Recognized Graywolf and they both decided to keep their relationship a secret from him as they felt it would be too painful for Two-Spear to learn of this "betrayal". They both conspired to conceal the parentage of the child who was the result of their union by proclaiming it was Two-Spear's.


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