Kahina the Seer

    Character » Kahina the Seer appears in 20 issues.

    A member of the Others who has the ability to see the future.

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    Kahina the Seer was created by Aquaman creative team, Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis.

    Major Story Arcs

    Death of the Seer

    Kahina was seen running through the Amazon Rainforest in search of Ya'Wara being pursued by Black Manta. The villain was able to ambush her despite her visions because she dodged the dart but didn't see that it was explosive, then they battled. Black Manta defeated the seer, unveiled her and told her that he will kill Ya'Wara, he will kill the Others and finally he'll kill Kahina's family. The seer cried, horrified, but Black Manta butchered her and stole the Golden Seal, an Atlantean artifact that the seer had and then left the body. Before she died, she has a last vision of Black Manta killing Aquaman. Ya'Wara found her dead body later and attacked Stephen Shin, thinking that he sent Manta after Kahina.

    Powers & Abilities


    Kahina has the ability to see into the future. Although her ability is limited as Black Manta is able to compensate for it when he attacked her.


    Kahina wields a scimitar in battle and was able to fight off Black Manta for a while. She is also very agile displaying some acrobatic skill.

    Weaponry & Equipment

    Seal of Clarity

    The Seal of Clarity is one of the seven Atlantean relics crafted by the first king of Atlantis. It is potentially indestructible, like all the other relics, but was not crafted as a weapon. The Seal has the ability to translate any language into one that the user can decipher.


    She wields a scimitar.


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