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    Kagura is a young alien from the Yato Clan, a race known for their superhuman strength. Vulnerable to sunlight, she walks around with a umbrella which she uses for defense & offense. She currently works as a member of Yorozuya Odd Jobs.

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    Kagura is an alien (Amanto) from the Yato Clan, a warrior race that enjoys fighting. Because the Yato are weakened by sunlight, they carry umbrellas with them at all times. Kagura grew up with her mother and her father Umibouzu, the current legendary alien hunter, and her brother Kamui. When Kamui attempted to kill their father to prove his strength, Umibouzu, in a fit of rage, attacked and nearly killed Kamui before he regained his senses. Umibouzu left the family because he was afraid that he would end up hurting Kagura the next time he lost his senses. Her mother died of an illness when Kagura was a child.

    Kagura then moved to Edo on Earth in search of making money. She became involved in a sketchy gang and met the Yorozuya when she was pursued by the gang.

    Powers and Abilities

    As part of the Yato Clan, Kagura has expert fighting skill that is purely natural. She possesses super strength, speed, durability, and reflexes and others that are beyond human's qualities. When she first met Gintoki and Shinpachi of Yorozuya, she effortlessly holds down Gintoki's moped. Her brother, who is arguably the same strength level yet more ruthless, is able to casually behead humans with an arm swipe. In the Benizakura Arc, Kagura is seen catching bullets with her hands and mouth and healing shortly after.

    She is able to take a bite from Sadaharu, her pet alien dog, without noticing anything while the same said bite has bled others' heads to unconsciousness.

    Kagura in her berserk state
    Kagura in her berserk state

    Most of her fighting ability and strength is kept hidden and is only used when she goes reaches high levels of rage. In this bloodlusted form, she is able to easily kick down solid walls and feels little to no pain, withstanding a spear going through her hand, as seen in the Yoshiwara Arc. In this form she is able to beat other Yato members easily, with the exception of her brother. She gives in to her instinct and fights until the enemy is dead, that is, if she doesn't regain her senses by then.


    Kagura's umbrella absorbing bullets
    Kagura's umbrella absorbing bullets

    She carries with her a special Yato umbrella which functions as a bullet-proof shield as well as an automatic machine gun.


    Members of the Yato Clan are weakened by sunlight and thus carry around umbrellas to protect themselves.

    Another Yato, Hosen, is seen showing superior strength at a level above even Kagura and Kamui as a result of being untouched by sunlight for years while ruling over the Yoshiwara District. Hosen is defeated upon exposure to sunlight. However, because Kagura is regularly exposed to sunlight, she has gained some immunity against it while sacrificing some of her strength.

    A Warrior-Born Pacifist

    Kagura doesn't want to be associated with her Yato race and just wants to live as a normal girl with a normal life on Earth. She doesn't like violence and often holds back, though her hot-headedness can compel her to beat up on friends like Shinpachi and Hasegawa Taizou.

    She tries her hardest to avoid becoming like her brother Kamui, who is a bloodthirsty and ruthless killer that shows no mercy to his opponents, unless he saw a personal gain to keep them alive.

    She has a girly side to her, as she enjoys wearing make up and once put oranges under her shirt to try to increase her chest size.

    Her favorite food is pickled seaweed and she enjoys eating in general.


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