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Kagura is Naraku's "daughter". She first appeared when Naraku spreads the rumor that there are jewel shards at his "human" castle to lure Kouga in. Kagura slaughtered Kouga's wolf pack when they arrived at the castle. She then set up Inuyasha and Kouga, making it looks like that Inuyasha was the one who killed Kouga's comrades. Inuyasha and Kouga fought. She showed herself after Inuyasha was down. She attacked Kouga and mocked him. Kouga was weakened from the poison of the fake jewel shard in his arm. She beat Kouga pretty badly. After Kouga was down, Inuyasha got up again and fought Kagura. He noticed that she had the same smell as Naraku. Inuyasha couldn't use his wind scar on Kagura because he couldn't see the wind around her. Inuyasha told Kagome to shoot her arrow at him in order to purify Kagura's demon power, so he can use the wind scar on her. Kagura got hit with a half powered wind scar due to Inuyasha's broken arm. Her kimono got ripped and the others saw the spider shape mark on her back. She escaped and went back to Naraku. She was pretty pissed off that Naraku didn't tell her about Inuyasha's sword and that he was just using her to test the sword's power. She then attacked Naraku. A heart appeared in Naraku's hand and he squeezed it. Kagura was in pain. Naraku told her that he has her heart in his hand and could kill her anytime. Kagura hated Naraku and wanted to kill him so she could be free. She secretly wanted the Inuyasha group to kill Naraku. She even asked Sesshoumaru to kill Naraku.

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