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Major Story Arc

Though Some Call It Magic!

On the night of Midsummer's Eve, Doctor Doom secluded himself in one of his ancient dungeons and summoned Mephisto in order to continue his annual challenge to free his mother's soul. Mephisto created Kagrok the Killer to serve as Doom's opponent, and promised to free Cynthia von Doom if Doom could defeat the creature. Kagrok savagely attacked Doom, standing up to every attack Doom threw at it. Playing his trump card, Doom activated a force field generator in his armor to hold Kagrok off. The field withstood Kagrok's first blow, but his magical might managed to shatter it upon his second blow. Doom fell to the ground in defeat. Mephisto then retrieved Kagrok and vanished, taunting Doom with the fact that there would always be next year.

Powers & Abilities

Kagrok was a being made of magical stone, giving it superhuman strength, durability, and limitless stamina. Despite being made of stone, it was also deceptively fast. His magical power was of such a high level that it could overcome virtually any number of attacks or obstacles.

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