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    A publishing company based in Tokyo that has published many well known manga and magazines.

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    Though Kadokawa Shoten was founded as a publisher in 1945, nearly a decade before the founding of Kadokawa Corporation, the roles were reversed decades later so that now Kadokawa Shoten is just one publisher in the much larger Kadokawa Corporation which includes a number of other publishers (with several of them publishing prominent manga series, such as Enterbrain, ASCII Media Works, Media Factory and Fujimi Shobo).

    Kadokawa's oldest and most popular manga magazines are only monthlies and generally are much younger than competing major magazines (also putting some extra emphasis on anime and video games over straight manga) with their primary shojo magazine (Monthly Asuka) founding in 1985 and their primary shonen magazine (Monthly Shonen Ace) only launching in 1994. In 2009, they also launched a seinen manga magazine (Young Ace), which took on some of the more mature serials from Shonen Ace.

    The publisher's best known manga is likely Neon Genesis Evangelion, which ran for a few decades and was based off the anime of the same name.


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