Kade Kilgore

    Character » Kade Kilgore appears in 214 issues.

    Child genius who killed his father to take over his weapon manufacturing company during the Schism event. He is the new Black King of the Hellfire club.

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    Son of Carlton Kilgore, one of the world's preeminent arms manufactures, Kade's father never payed any particular attention to Kade due to his work. Kade is extremely intelligent and ruthless and has been secretly plotting against his father and mutants, despite still being in school. Even at such a young age, Kade has such a high level of intelligence having grown up surrounded by vast amounts of breaking weapons techology.


    Kade Kilgore was created by Jason Aaron and Carlos Pacheco, his first appearance was in X-Men: Schism #1. It seems that he is named after Robert Duvall's character Lt. Col. Bill Kilgore from Apocalypse Now.

    Major Story Arcs


    Schism is the first time that Kade Kilgore appeared in comic books. He is quickly established as a cold & calculating character when he murdered his father inside the flying car and was crowned the new Black King of the Hellfire Club.

    When he first appears, Kade quickly announces that he hasn't attended school for several weeks as a Life Model Decoy had replaced him, and that he had used the time to bribe his way to the top of the Kilgore company. At only 12 years of age, Kade Kilgore had masterminded a coup that usurped power from his father to become the new CEO of Kilgore 30 minutes before murdering him. Kade successfully used the technology from his company to conceal his presence on Utopia & free Kid Omega from his technologically-induced stasis, calculating that the mutant would assault the United Nations on the day that Cyclops delivered his anti- Sentinels speech. The success of his schemes led him to be crowned Black King of the new Hellfire Club.

    In Schism #2 it is shown that Kade has much bigger plans for mutant kind then anyone had expected. He knew that most of the Sentinels he had sold or given away were malfunctioning and would keep the X-men distracted and busy. The Hellfire Club is thoroughly impressed with the new Black King. Kade is given 4 billion dollars and The Hellfire Clubs most violent men to prepare for his next mission.

    Kade is then seen meeting with what seems to be his inner circle, a group of privileged kids all around his age. They are meeting with a group of Badoon (Aliens that look like Dogs.) A blonde girl goes a little nutty and kills the Badoon. Kade arrives and decides they will just keep the 4 billion since they now have what they want... A Badoon Brain Slug.

    Kade then leads his inner circle and The Hellfire clubs violent men on a mission to confront the X-men at a benefit they are attending in San Francisco.

    Wolverine and the X-men

    Kade made his presence known to Wolverine and the X-men at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, where he explained his motivations and how he had been behind the X-men's problems of late. He soon unleashed his newest plan for killing everyone at the school by unleashing a living creature made out of the very Earth below the school.


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