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Kabar was born into clan Akkaba and luckily had a strong dose of Apocalyptic blood. From early on he proved himself more than a match for his fellow clans-mates. Only one stood in his way of ascending to the rank of fittest those of the Slade clan, in particular  Hamilton Slade
As a child he witnessed Apocalypse being summoned but was unaware of the details. When he came of age and the battle for the rank of leader and fittest of the clan was waged he emerged second only to  Hamilton Slade . Knowing he could not out-rightly defeat him he bides his time waiting for his chance to seize power.

Fittest but Fleeting

When Clan members started dieing mysteriously he sided with Jack Starsmore in thinking that  Apocalypse  was to be summoned ,  Hamilton Slade  decided against it and more clan members died as a result. 
 Kabar and Apocalypse
 Kabar and Apocalypse
When Hamilton disappeared for three days he quickly used this opportunity to grab the title of fittest and summon  Apocalypse Margaret Slade  realizing that she would lose her rank and standing if her son was viewed as "unfit" lashed out at Kabar and the two fought while she tried desperately to convince Apocalypse there was no need to summon him. He defeated her right before Jack and Van Helsing came in and advised  Apocalypse  of  Dracula 's vendetta.
He felt shamed but content since he was now the fittest. He was more than surprised when Hamilton returned and in the ensuing battle he was defeated and his throat ripped out so that he would be unable to return as a vampire and question Hamilton's rank ever again.
His dead body was found When Apocalypse, Jack and Van helsing returned 


  • Height: 5 ft. 10 in.
  • Weight: 180 lbs. 
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Hair:black
  • Citizenship: unknown
  • Place of Birth: unknown
  • Marital Status: Unknown
  • Occupation: Heir, Servant of Apocalypse and the Inner Council of Clan Akkaba

Known Relatives

Apocalypse (Ancestor)

Hamilton Slade, Frederick Slade Blink, Jack Starsmore Jonothon Starsmore Kabar Brashir and  Clan Akkaba and it's descendants (cousins)   


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He has superhuman strength able to lift a full gown woman and toss her with relative ease. He also has a strong Apocalyptic bloodline allowing him to alter his molecular structure to transform his hands into a wide range of objects.


He was a capable leader easily weighing the pros and cons of summoning apocalypse for the betterment of the clan.

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