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His parents killed by wild beasts in the forest the boy who would come to be known as Kaanga was saved from death and raised by a she ape.

By the time he is grown he is a master of the jungle.

When a young aviatrix named Ann Mason crashes in his jungle and is taken by slavers Kaanga saves her, and she introduces him, as far as he’ll go anyway, to civilization. Together they have your basic jungle lord and his lady type adventures.


Kaanga written by nobody knows who, and drawn at first by Alex Blum, was based on Fiction House’s long running Tarzan knock-off Ki-Gor who’s stories appeared from 1938 to 1953 In a Pulp Magazine by the title of Jungle Tales, in 1940 when Fiction House decided to give comics a try one of their first was one based on JT and titled Jungle Comics, and as JT stared Ki-Gor, JC featured Kaanga, or really Ki-Gor, just with the names of the two main characters changed.

Either way both were just blatant rip-offs of Tarzan, only Ki-Gor / Kaanga was blond, and none of his writers had anything even close to the imagination of Edgar Rice Burroughs.


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