Ka Stone

    Object » Ka Stone appears in 31 issues.

    The Ka Stone is an ancient gem of power that is believed to be connected to the Alpha and Omega Stones found on Kree-Lar which are remnants of the previous universe. It has been used over the years by the being known as The Sphinx.

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    A fragment of the lifestone tree, the KA Stone was discovered and used by Sphinx in Egypt. It granted him the powers of super strength, invulnerability, enhanced magic, super speed, self substance in space and energy manipulation.

    Ka Stone Details

    • Reality Warping: The stone has been used by two incarnations of the Sphinx ( Anath-Na Mut, and Meryet Karim). Both utilized the stone in a way to warp reality in large scale quantities, even recreating timelines and affecting the beings in those realities (such as memories and physical appearances) and Time Manipulation
    • Matter Manipulation: The stone allowed it's bearer to manipulate matter, creating objects and beings at whim along with rearranging molecular properties.
    • Immortality: Anath- Na Mut was in existence for over 5000 years
    • Telepathy
    • Energy Projection: Strong blasting capability able to battle Galactus
    • Enhanced Physical Statistics: Flight, strength, durability and ability to grow in size. All to substantial levels, the upper limit of which is unknown.

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