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Juvan is the youngest of the New Immortals, created after the high evolutionary had created Zon  and Nobilus . He was conceived as a god with enhanced physical abilities. After his creation he was taken before the earth god Hercules  and asgardian Thor  to show them the merit and worth that could be made from cloned gods. His superior sped and agility to them caused him to believe that he was in fact their better. 
To prove his worth he was sent alongside Hercules and Thor to accompany the analyzer on his journey to the planet where the Celestials were about to make a new member. 
When Thor took a stand against the Celestials  however Juvan and his fellow new immortals attacked him by order of the high evolutionary who wanted things to play out. Juvan was the first to fall to Thor but the fracas was broken up once the new celestial was born. However their father went insane when he realized that he was not perfect.

A God?

Juvan returned to new wundagore with his fellow new immortals to search for the Recorder  and high evolutionary who had gone missing. there he encountered lady sif and balder who assisted them in there search. They confronted ego the living planet and thanks to Sif  and  Balder Evolutionary was returned safely along with the Recorder. Him and his fellows then nursed their father back to health.
When his father was finally better, he decided it was time to leave them and return to earth where he would try again in making a new set of gods. Confused and lost they lashed out at him and he fled back to earth. he then joined with fellow new immortals and Count Tagar in a bid to conquer the universe from their base new Orion.
They were unsuccessful however as Thor and the god pack defeated them in battle. They were placed in stasis and taken aboard the Wundagore III where the high evolutionary hoped he would one day be able to fix there flaws.

Powers and Abilities

While his exact origins are unknown he is virtually unkillable by terrestrial standards. In addition he has higher level of strength than peak human athletes able to lift about 2 tons. His speed and agility allow him to run for small bursts to comparable speeds as Quicksilver, his agility akin to 
Nightcrawler and Spider-Man .

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