Justin Bieber

    Character » Justin Bieber appears in 28 issues.

    A popular singer for younger listeners. He is often parodied in MAD.

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    Archer & Armstrong - as Percy Vale

    In Archer and Armstrong #20 and #23 (Valiant, 2014) Justin Bieber appears as Percy Vale and, according to Armstrong, "Canada's latest, greatest, dreamiest Youtube singing sensation" in the American Wasteland arc. In issue #20 Bieber/Vale is accompanied by his bodyguards and doesn't say a word when leaving the Fameotorium of the Church of Retrology while Archer and Armstrong are entering and seeing him. In issue #23 Bieber/Vale plays a much larger role. First he appears alongside the The Lizard King, an evil version of Jim Morrison and the spiritual leader of the Church, and is patronized by him on several occasion ("Down Percy.", "Adults are talking.", "Show some gratitude for once in your life, Percy"). When Mary-Maria slaps him in the face for his disrespectful manner towards her, he ducks and hides behind the Lizard King. Later in the issue, Bieber/Vale is killed on stage of the Joshua Tree Music Festival by the Lizard King just when Vale is trying to thank him for everything he's done for him. However, the Lizard King says "Sorry, Percy. ... No encores." and kills Percy with a head shot.

    POP - as Justin Bieber

    Justin Bieber, as himself, appears in the first issue of Dark Horse's mini-series POP (2014). Again, he's some sort of arrogant pop-star who is taken down by the Specialists, two assassins who have been hired by Bieber's boss of sorts. Bieber had decided to retire and enjoy his life without consulting and asking his boss. A decision that boss didn't take so lightly.


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