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    Justice is the man who killed Afro's father and also known as the "The Gunman with Three Arms".

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    1. He has the ability to heal himself by absorbing the blood of others .
    2. He has a third arm which conceals a blade he uses to decapitate people during a fight.
    3. He wields two guns which he sometimes uses to block swords.
    4.  Possibly Immortal.

    The holder of the Number One headband for most of the series, Justice is the man who killed Afro's father before his eyes many years ago. He is a remarkably skilled gunman, dressing in a cowboy garb with the Number One headband tied around his wide-brimmed hat. He has discolored, diseased-looking skin, which his bio on the official site implies is the result of a past accident (undecided, but assumed by the publishers to have been submerged in toxic waste) which would explain his abnormal abilities.

    Justice has the ability to regenerate himself after being exposed to blood, as seen just before his final fight with Afro when the injured hero's blood flows to Justice's feet and his withered body begins to reshape into the young version that fought Afro's father. He also has a third arm hidden on his back that holds a sword for catching opponents off guard (in an earlier version of the official website, Justice was described as "The Gunman with Three Arms").

    His origins are unknown, but he claims that destiny designed him to attain all the headbands and thus gain enough power to rule the world as a god and bring an end to all the violence and killing via force. Justice was able to survive being nearly decapitated (an ironic reversal of the scene with Afro's father), and seemed able to control the Number One's throne room to some extent, but Afro manages to defeat him by slicing his body into many smaller pieces. This may have finished him; however, Justice survived and made a cameo in the end of the second season.


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