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In the early days of the Crime Syndicate of America their main foes where the Justice Underground.

The team consised of

  • The Quizmaster (Edward Nigma)- The leader and smartest man alive. Defeated by Johnny Quick
  • Star Sapphire- Knight-errant from the other side of the galaxy. Forced to watch as her planet was scoured of life.
  • General Grood- Renegade freedom fighter from the militaristic ape nation. Defeated when his metal powers were reflected back on him turning him into a brute.
  • Q-Ranger- Quantum powered dynamo. Defeated by Owlman.
  • Sir Solomon Grundy- Blasted to life out of the white cliffs of Dover during a aerial bombardment. Defeated by Ultraman when he became inert on Saturday.
  • Lady Sonar- Protector of Modora. Defeated by the CSA when they came to crush Modora.
  • The Missile Men- Defeated by the CSA
  • The Hierarchy for International Virtuous Empowerment- Defeated by the CSA
  • Zazzala- The Insect Queen. Defeated by the CSA
  • Dr. Eclipso- Defeated by the CSA

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