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    The Justice Titans is an amalgamated dreamed reality version of both the Teen Titans and the Justice League. The team is led by Night Lantern. Later, is the name of the premier team of Earth-32.

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    The original Justice Titans were a team created temporally from the dreams of Superman and Batman by the magic of Zatanna and Raven. They were a combination of members of the pre-Flashpoint Justice League and Titans.

    In Multiversity, one of the parallels world is protected by another team with the same name and is composed by amalgamated versions of members of the Justice League.


    When Superman and Batman tried to return home from their brief and maddening adventure in The Nanoverse they ended up stranded apparentely on a alternate world instead. In this world teams as The Justice League and the Teen Titans did not exist in a traditional sense. Rather the people and the places they knew had been merged into one. Here the main superheroes were the Justice Titans (an amalgamated alternate reality version of both the Teen Titans and the Justice League) with Night Lantern as their leader.

    The Justice Titans Members

    Justice Titans Members
    Justice Titans Members

    Eventually Superman and Batman discovered in their fight against the Brotherhood of Injustice than that dimension was just an dreamworld conjured by the spellcasters of both teams (Zatanna and Raven) as a defense measurement against an attack of Dr. Destiny. When the spell of the witches was broken and Dr. Destiny defeated this illusory world ceased to exist.


    The new Justice Titans is the premier team than defends earth-32, a world of amalgamated characteristics and is composed by combined versions of only earth-0's Justice League members. The known members of this team are:

    • Bat-Lantern
    • SuperMartian
    • Wonderhawk
    • Black Arrow
    • Aquaflash

    If there are other members, they are unknown.


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