Where are thou JSA-post-FlashPoint?

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Heading into September, a lot of new things are to be expected in the DC universe. With Flashpoint over by then, new books come out, new costumes, and probably new histories too. One history change which I’m really bummed out about is that of the Justice Society of America.

If reports are right, the new Justice League series will be a modern take on the superhero team which states that they were the first superhero team to form and seemingly formed about 5 years ago. This is also re-integrated by the statement that Superman was the first superhero. If that is the case, what will then happen to the Justice Society? We know that there isn’t a Justice Society book after Flashpoint, and how the Flashpoint event itself showed that the JSA never really took off back in the day. So are they going to be wiped out from the history of New Earth?

Or, just guessing, are they going to be relegated back to their original world – Earth-2?

“Crisis on Infinite Earths” served as the story where all existing continuities back in the day were merged into one, and instead of the multiverse a new universe was formed with merging realities of the other remaining Earths. It made sense at the time, reviewing the history that it was the JSA which was the first superhero team that formed during WWII, and then retired after the whole senate fiasco over mystery men. Following that, the Silver & Modern age came into being with newer heroes and new teams including the Justice League, the Teen Titans etc. Shortly after, the JSA came out of retirement and the new series provided a fresh take on these characters to the modern generation. They fulfilled their roles as being mentors to the newer generation of heroes and provided great stories for comic fans.

But with the post-Flashpoint scenario, the Justice Society is nowhere to be seen. With the exception of Mr. Terrific, not one of the original or newer JSA-ers are being mentioned at all. It could even be that Michael Holt adapted the Mr. Terrific persona on his own in the new world, and may not even be paying homage to the original Mr Terrific Terry Sloane. So it should stand to reason that the JSA may have nothing to do with the history of New-Earth anymore, but may eventually be relegated back to Earth-2 again.

That development may open up a can of worms too. For instance, it was recently established that Earth-2’s timeline had evolved to when Justice Society Infinity had become the new team. Not to mention that the Earth-2 Superman and Lois Lane died during Infinite Crisis. And what-more, Jay Garrick was also missing during the events of Countdown Arena.

For that matter, what happens to the multiverse entirely? Does it still stick around after September with new changes to it? Chances are, Earth-2 could also be retconned to show the entire JSA along with Superman and co.

Guess we’ll all have to wait and see. These were just some thoughts I had in mind when I think about what kind of influence the JSA has had over the modern age and then have them completely wiped out. You can’t erase Alan Scott’s influence over Kyle Rayner or how Jay Garrick had a co-starring role with Wally West during his run as the Flash.

Any other JSA fans wondering the same?

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Yes I was wondering the same thing.  I really hope they don't decide to just disregard the JSA and all of their history.  I really love the team and all of the characters and think they bring so much to the DCU.  The influence they have had on other characters as well would leave a big hole in the DCU as well.
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the jsa is coming back

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 This will probably make most of you mad but.........
I wouldn't mind if they wiped most of them out.
Keep Jay Garrick but have Barry Allen the first flash.
Keep Alan Scott but make Hal Jordan the first flash. 
Power Girl not a Kryptonian.
Things like that
IMO Superman should be the first superhero.

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