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So since today is comic day, I'm going to go pick up the latest issues of JSA.  Is this a good time to start or will I be completely lost?  I really like team books, and I want to pick up some more DC stuff besides GLC.

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Justice Society is a really good book, probably my favourite team book, but this is part way into a crossover story with the Justice League so it might be a bit confusing unless you're willing to collect the three previous parts. It might be worth it if you're into Green Lantern as it does deal with the return of Jade. A new creative team takes over for #44, so that might be a good place to start. In the mean time there are some good trades, Black Adam and Isis was Geoff Johns's last story on his run and pretty good.

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@thewifijedi: It's in a crossover right now with JLA. Start at issue one of this current series. It's been amazing.
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@Cosmic Sentinel:  Thx you so much for the tip!

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