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Don't miss this important prologue to an event that will rock the world's first and best super-team! In this issue, a fight between Wildcat and Wildcat; a firehouse pancake breakfast; Power Girl's quest to unlock the secret's behind her cousin's death; Citizen Steel's new family and the fate of Starman! And that's just the beginning as we prepare the Justice Society for their newest and most surprising member to date...

Power Girl dreams about the death of Kal-L. She is still saddened at his death during the Infinite Crisis. While visiting his grave (still in the dream), Kal-L tries to claw his way out. Power Girl wakes up and feels it wasn't just a dream but rather a premonition. She still misses him and hopes that someday, Superman will return.

Later in Brooklyn, the Justice Society are at the Fire Department for a charity event. They are serving a pancake breakfast for everyone. Citizen Steel is stuck in the kitchen with his nephew and friends making the pancakes. He compares trying to cook with kids to fighting Nazis.

Soon it is time for the main event. Wildcat vs Wildcat. Ted and his son, Tommy are set for a boxing match. Tommy isn't too keen on the idea of fighting but Ted reminds him it's for charity. Ted quickly begins knocking Tommy around, despite Tommy's quickness and agility. He mentions that his tail is telling him what move he is going to make next. At the end of the first round, Ted is clearly ahead.

The fight has to be stopped when the fire alarm goes off. The JSA agree to go and help out. There is a five-alarm fire at an old paint factory. Some firefighters have gotten trapped inside. Power Girl tells Citizen Steel he has to wait outside because of his steel costume. It will get too hot for others to touch. Tommy can smell the fighters and they work their way inside.

To their surprise, they find a dead body with a hole blasted through it. Damage and Liberty Belle recognize the body as that of a villain named Goth. They had an encounter with him a few years ago. He claimed to be a demon of sorts. Power Girl notices that the fire is coming from inside Goth's body.

Alan Scott cannot use his ring to grab the body. Somehow the fire is having an affect on it. He does note that the power that Goth possessed is about to erupt. Power Girl tells him to step aside as she moves to pull his body out of there. Alan quickly warns her to stay back because her skin is starting to burn from the flames.

Now Starman steps forward. He says he can make the body disappear. His Legion ring allows him to survive the coldness of space and the heat of the sun so he should be able to approach the body. He says that he can create a black hole to throw the body in. Power Girl asks if he's ever created one before. Starman says he hasn't but knows that he can. No one is sure whether or not the crazy Starman can actually do it. As chairwoman, the decision has to be Power Girl's. She tells him to go for it.

Starman prepares himself and begins to create the black hole. As he is doing this, he tries quieting the voices in his head. The strain of creating the black hole seems to be too much for him. The fire goes out but Starman is left unconscious. Before the hole closes, a figure falls out. He seems to recognize Starman and carries him outside. The figure asks where is he, much to the shock of the Justice Society. The figure that emerged is appears to be an older version of Superman...


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Kingdom Come...I am ReadY! 0

I am a big Alex Ross of course all these covers I am digging. Powergirl has never been a favorite of mine...she still isn't here but I don't mind focusing on her as her cousin returns. There were a lot of funny scenes here...Jay and Stargirl, Cyclone and Starman, and Damage talking to kids and claiming he could beat up the whole JLA was great. I really felt bad for Citizen Steel not being to help and feeling worthless...and the new Wildcat trying to beat his father is boxing and failing...

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