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The spotlight turns to Liberty Belle as the All-American powerhouse races to stop the Justice Society's troubled young recruit, Damage, from making the worst mistake of his life.

Things seems to be going swell in the life of the Justice Society. Liberty Belle and Hourman are enjoying a weekend snowboarding in Aspen. Jesse recalls that her life wasn't always a bed of roses. Thinking back to her childhood, she recalls when her father, Johnny Quick, works with her in the basement, trying to get her to use the Mathematical formula that will allow her to move at superspeed. Her father tells her it's not just about the formula but getting to a place in her mind where she can access her power just as he and her mother do. Jesse's mother tells Johnny not to fill her head with ideas of super powers. She is getting tired of all his talk of powers. All of their friends can't stand it either and won't have dinner with them anymore. He says he just wants Jesse to become special. This comment just hurts her feelings. Less than a year later, Jesse's parents got divorced.

She continued to live with her father until college and eventually became Jesse Quick, once she achieved super speed. She fought crime with her father and the Justice Society. Her father was wrong about their speed. They did get their speed from the Speed Force. He was killed and she gave her speed to the Flash when he had to fight Zoom.

Speaking of Zoom, he is on a rampage at this moment. The Justice Society is following him, trying to put a stop to his activities. They soon reach the state line of Georgia. Alan Scott tells Damage that he has to sit out the rest of the chase. Damage tells Alan that he knows what Zoom did to him and Alan says there's the matter of what he did to Atlanta. Damage powers up and blasts down, allowing himself to do a giant leap away from them. Alan informs an impressed Cyclone why it's a bad idea for Damage to go into Georgia. He promised never to step foot in Georgia for the damage he caused and they agreed not to charge him for the destruction.

Jesse and Rick are soon called by Power Girl. She fills them in on their chase after Zoom. It seems that there is now a hostage situation. Damage has Zoom in his grasp. Since the two of them have been looking after Damage, Jesse says that she will be the one to try to talk to him and calm him down.

Inside the courtroom, Damage has a firm hold on Zoom. He tells him that he's charged himself up so that the slightest movement by Zoom will set him off. Zoom starts going on about how he told him he'd be a stronger hero if he survived. Jesse tries to get Grant to think about all the innocents that will die if he doesn't listen to her.

All Damage can think of his how Zoom ruined his face. He tells her that he had to break every mirror in his place because he couldn't stand to look at himself. She reminds him that she saw his face when Captain Nazi ripped off his mask. She also says that her life wasn't perfect when she lost her speed. Zoom butts in and says that she didn't lose it, she just gave it up because she didn't feel she was worthy of it. Damage starts getting angry that Zoom is talking this way to her but she tells him that, in a way, Zoom is right. She didn't feel she deserved the speed after her father died.

Jesse finally manages to get through to Grant and he powers down. Zoom, seeing his moment, runs out of Damage's grasp and decides he should put him out of his misery. He picks up a metal pipe and throws it at Grant's face at super speed. Reciting the formula, Jesse moves at super speed and catches the pipe before it can hit Grant. In return, she throws it at a stunned Zoom and it clocks him in the head.

Jesse and Grant walk out to find the authorities ready to arrest Grant. Jesse tells them that if they're going to arrest him, they'll have to arrest her too. Hourman corrects her by saying they'll have to arrest the entire Justice Society.

Ready to leave, they all head to Aspen for fun in the snow.



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Depth and Puzzlement 0

While I wasn't anticipating a book centered around Liberty Belle, I'm grateful. She's one of those characters that intrigues you, but later discover that you know very little about them. The book does a great job of telling the reader about the present-day character, her background, her powers, and her motives. Despite the limited space, there's enough of a story to keep readers already familiar with Liberty Belle interested.The history and animosity between Damage and Zoom is well-presented.A ...

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Zoom vs Damage...about time. 0

I was dreading reading this because to me Liberty Belle is a dull character, but here she was really complex and has a lot of issues and I now like her. DC is on the ball. Zoom returns and Damage is pissed and wants revenge over what he did to his face and his former team mates in the Freedom Fighters. I read that in Infinite Crisis and I cringed because Zoom and his pals were just soooo overpowering compared to the Fighters. Damage was the first to go down and it was harsh. He is scarred now an...

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