Justice Society of America #41

    Justice Society of America » Justice Society of America #41 - The Dark Things: Part Two released by DC Comics on September 1, 2010.

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    In part 2 of the JLA/JSA crossover, the Starheart has staked its claim on Alan Scott and his kids Jade and Obsidian! Can the combined might of the Justice Society and the Justice League break up the newly reunited family before they unwittingly unleash serious damage on the DC Universe? Also features the second piece of the 5-part interconnecting cover by Mark Bagley and Jesus Merino!

    Continued from Justice League of America #46

    Jay Garrick, Wildcat and Sebastian Faust, go to the home of the Shade to seek his help in stopping the Starheart possessed Alan Scott and Obsidian, but find the Shade already beaten by Obsidian and a Starheart possessed Dr. Fate. The three heroes are beaten and teleported away.

    Meanwhile the Justice League and the Justice Society continue to combat the Starheart possessed metahuman on Earth. They then learn that the Starheart is starting to effect human who have latent meta abilities and amplifying them.

    Batman makes a plan to send Mikaal to check out the city that Alan has made on the moon. This causes Mikaal to be captured and the gem ripped off his chest. Batman then forms two teams for a rescue mission, and calls in help from Mister Miracle.

    Continued in Justice League of America #47


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    feels like the first time 0

         Speedy review:  This issue really feels like the first time that Robinson really wrote the JLA the way I had been hoping for. Number 45 was the best prior to this but this one seemed to be the whole package.  Well paced, good dialogue, and flowing action sequences.     Bagley's art was also top notch.  The bad panel or two was the exception verses JLA #46 where the good panel was.  I like the team of Bagley and Rapmund.  I just wish that this was the art team every issue.    The issue d...

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    Dark Things...Bright Spotlight! 0

    So if I told you 5 years ago that James Robinson and Mark Bagley would create a  modern era JLA/JSA cross over you'd pretty excited. But this is 2010 and the JLA consists of the Teen Titans all grown up, the disco era Starman, and large talking Ape...not exactly not what Bags thought he signed up exclusively with DC  way back when.  But in any case the big story here is a the Justice League of America /Justice Society of America team-up. Since it's inception I have always been a fan of these sto...

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    Shaded. 0

    Story: Dark things continues into JSA. Jay Garrick, Wild Cat, Faust, and Dr. Mid-Nite are searching the Shade's mansion. They are searching for Obsidian because he has gone missing. Obsidian and Shade share the same power. They see a light up ahead wich is unusual because why would Shade have light. They see what it is and it's Dr. Fate and Obsidian under some sort of spell. They attack them and win. Obsidian and Dr. Fate leave in a dark vortex and Dr. Mid-Nite jumps in after them. All at the sa...

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