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Tommy, Wildcat's son, continues his fight against Vandal Savage. He lets his savage nature out as they both draw blood.

In Blue Valley, the Justice Society continues to protect family members from the Nazis and his crew. The same goes in Philadelphia. Damage cuts loose with his power, accidentally hitting Liberty Belle with the backlash of his explosion.

Savage is about to get the upper hand on Tommy when Wildcat comes two. All three are knocked out the window to continue the fight outside.

In Philly, Hourman is furious with Damage. He blames him for being careless. He accuses him of trying to follow in his father's footsteps on top of the fact that he's still wearing his mask. Liberty Belle appears to be somewhat okay. Captain Nazi grabs Damage and removes the mask. Damage's face appears to be disfigured as he tries to cover it. Liberty Belle simply picks up the mask and hands it back to Damage.

Wildcat and Tommy are still struggling to defeat Savage. It's not until a fire truck coming at full speed runs right into him that the fight is over.

With all the fights over, the Justice Society returns to their headquarters. Alan Scott, Jay Garrick, and Hawkman ask Powergirl if she'd be willing to become the chairwoman of the Justice Society. He responds with a "Hell yes." Ted tells Tommy he can be known as "Wildcat" also. He figures if there can be more than one Green Lantern or Flash, there can be more than one Wildcat.

In Arkham Asylum, Doctor Destiny seems to have a Dream Girl in his custody. She mumbles, "Star Boy...where are you?"


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OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHh, that sums up this comic really nice. The team has their first large scale superhuman battle and it is really epic! I especially like these covers with the individual members on them, this one is nice it looks like Wildcat is petting the vicious little kitty (no offense to either the are both really awesome). The team is really it's own and doesn't seem like a knock-off of the JLA (unlike Marvel's teams they do seem like they're the exact same team). But yes any fans of t...

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