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    "Thy Kingdom Come" continues! The Justice Society has been tracking the "Heartbreak Slayer" — a mysterious serial killer targeting super-villains — for months. Now, as new members are welcomed into the fold and the Society expands, the JSA will come face-to-face with an evil that threatens the future they stand for.

    At the JSA's headquarters, Stargirl shows Jakeem around as he looks for a room of his own. Each room that he asks about is already being used by one of the newer members. He starts getting angry and asks why she didn't save him a room. She tells him that she didn't know there's be so many new members. He's had it. He kicks open a door saying that whoever is in there is "steppin' on ouuut." Speechless, he finds the room belongs to Thunder, the Black Lightning's youngest daughter. Her parents are there too helping her unpack. They are also packing up some things like the television. Jennifer begins to protest saying that her social life has been demolished since she can't check her e-mail or get phone calls. She wants the television in case Stargirl or Cyclone wanted to watch tv in her room. He mom convinces him to let the tv stay. He reminds her that Mr. Terrific has lots of delicate equipment and if she touches the television, everything within a hundred yards will short out. He tells her to keep her hands off. He also says the same to Jakeem, who looks like a deer caught in headlights.

    Dr. Mid-Nite checks out Mr. America after the beating he took. Mr. Terrific goes over the list of those that have been killed recently. They were all superhuman criminals that posed as Gods. As Mr. America made his escape, he heard the name "Gog" and asks if it means anything to them. Hourman mentions that he and Liberty Belle found it carved into a pillar. The Superman from the future comes in with Power Girl and tells them it means a lot. Mr. Terrific pulls up a hologram of Gog. Power Girl asks Kal if she recognizes him but he says no. He notes the armor is similar to someone from his time named "Magog." Dr. Mid-Nite tells them that Gog and Magog are mentioned in several different religions. Superman tells them that Magog claimed his powers were given to him by a being named Gog. He claimed to be the last god of the "Third World." Mr. Terrific tells him that the Gog on their world isn't a God at all. His real name is William Matthews and he was born in Chicago. He was a missionary that disappeared in Africa. He returned wearing the armor and attacked Superman just over a year ago. Not knowing why, Kal says he'll go ask Superman.

    Kal flies to Metropolis and hovers outside the Daily Planet. He reminisces as he watches an exchange between Perry and Jimmy. He starts flying closer until he sees Lois and stops in his tracks. At a nearby desk, Clark Kent is admiring his wife when he becomes aware of the other Superman. Kal thought he'd be able to handle seeing Lois again but is taken back. The last time he was at the Daily Planet, he was too late to save all his friends, including Lois.

    As he momentarily grieves, Superman flies over him and asks if he's spying on his wife. Kal tells Superman that he didn't mean any disrespect, he's just trying to adjust to everything. Superman asks if he can help with anything. Kal asks him about Gog. Superman says there isn't much to say. He claimed to be from the future and was the only survivor of a nuclear explosion in Kansas that he failed to prevent. It was Batman that discovered his real name was William Matthews. They figured that he really wasn't from the future, just sick in the head. Kal tells him that maybe he was able to see a glimpse into the future. Kal tells Superman that in his world, Kansas was destroyed. His wife, Lois, was killed by the Joker. He arrested the Joker and right before his trial, a man calling himself Magog killed him. People looked up to Magog after that.

    They are interrupted when Kal hears a voice say that they are a God. Superman doesn't seem to hear it but Kal flies off saying it's coming from Gotham. Hercules finds himself face to face with Gog. Hercules is blasted and sent flying outside. Both Supermen arrive to see him. When Hercules comes to, he slams his elbow in Superman's face, which gives him a bloody nose. He then punches him and sends Superman flying. Kal stands his ground as Hercules prepares to punch him too. The punch doesn't faze or even move Kal in the slightest bit. Hercules tries again but Kal simply grabs his fist with one hand, removes his golden tunic and sends him flying with a punch. Superman moves in to catch him and drives him into a nearby statue. They see that Gog is still inside and move in a streak to get him. As they enter, Gog teleports away. Kal looks at the spot where Gog was and notices traces of volcanic ash. He figures the Justice Society will be able to track where it originated from.

    In the Congo, Gog walks down some old stairs carved into a mountain saying he will get rid of all the Gods that walk the world since they will not save it. He will make the way clear for the only savior that can. He kneels before an enormous head that is either carved or trapped in the side of a mountain.


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