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    "Thy Kingdom Come" explodes as Jakeem Thunder returns! The Justice Society reaches out to the next wave of legacy heroes: the new Mr. America, Judomaster, Amazing Man and more! Plus, another face familiar to the Kingdom Come Superman makes his presence known.


    Jakeem Thunder and Thunderbolt arrive at the new Justice Society headquarters in New York. Jakeem is a little put off that there's no one to greet them and there aren't any pictures of him around. Walking into the gym he lets out a "Who the $%#@ are you?!" when he sees Tommy, Damage (in his masked costume, Starman, and Citizen Steel in front of a boxing ring. Wildcat is in the ring with another new member, Judomaster. Everyone introduces themselves to him. Jakeem soon asks what's going on. Wildcat says Judomaster is in their custody until her court date. Damage was able to talk the authorities into that after she carelessly caused injuries the day before. He wants to check out her fighting skills and has her wearing boxing gloves. The boxing match begins and Wildcat goes flying on the mat.

    Jay Garrick, Alan Scott and Hawkman are looking over several photographs trying to figure out who else they're going to recruit. Mr. Terrific is meeting with one already with Stargirl and Cyclone.

    In New Orleans, the Superman from the future and Power Girl meet with the new Amazing-Man. Superman doesn't recognize him from his Earth. Power Girl fills him in on the history of those that bore the name before this one. He is willing to discuss getting involved with the JSA but would like them to help him first with some clean-up left over from Hurricane Katrina.

    Former FBI agent, Mr. America discovered that a couple of metahuman criminals that claimed to be Demigods were found dead with holes blown through their chests. He then finds several more "Demigods" dead, the New Olympians. Watching from behind stood a man in the shadows with horns on his head.

    In Chicago, Mr. Terrific meets with Black Lightning about his daughter, Thunder. Cyclone immediately attempts to strike up a friendship with her.

    Back at the scene where Mr. America was, Liberty Belle and Hourman talk with FBI agents there. They tell them that Mr. America beat them there by mintues. They hadn't heard from him since. Hourman points out to her that there's a word carved into a stone pillar, the word "Gog."

    In Northern Afghanistan, Jay, Alan and Hawkman meet with Corporal David Reid, also known as Lance about membership. He is able to release plasma energy and developed a pulsing tattoo on his arm. He wonders why they're interested in him. They tell him it's not because he's in the military but because of who his Great-grandfather was, Franklin D. Roosevelt. That was the man who first brought the Justice Society of America together. It's all about the legacy.

    Back at JSA headquarters, Wildcat is getting tired out not being able to lay a glove on Judomaster after eighteen rounds. Before it can continue, Mr. America, badly beaten and barely able to walk, staggers into the Justice Society Of America headquarters and asks if they've ever heard of "Gog."


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