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    Team » Justice Legion Alpha appears in 42 issues.

    Superhero team from the 853rd century, inspired by the legacies of today's heroes.

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    Team of superheroes descendants of the JLA and The Legion of Superheroes. They exist in the 853rd century and are the highest ranking team of all the Justice Legions. Justice Legion Alpha is made up of future versions of modern heroes.

    The System Sol


    Communications hub to the system, and home of Justice Legion A's speedster, John Fox. Fast living is never fast enough for the data-hounds and media-mongers on the "planet too busy to spin." Most folks live in metrodomes on sunny sol-side, while the superconducting info engines on Dark Frostside spew the latest news, gossip, and hearsay faster than one can think it.


    Idyllic home of the Amazons and their champion, Wonder Woman 1000000. Here, women from across the galaxy study the amazon arts of peace in marble temples, and the science of war on breathtaking battle plains. Warning: Venus is strictly off-limits to male visitors. Gender-natural life forms may apply for entry on a case-by-case basis.


    Birth-world of the system. Home of the mighty Superman dynasty. Once an overpopulated garbage heap, Earth is now restored to a pristine, verdant garden of eden. Major cities like Metropolis have been tucked into space-folding tesseractects, whose access points are gracefully blended into the landscape, on majestic trees, or on rocks beside once polluted lakes. Thanks to the unlimited scope of tesseract space, one can enjoy infinite population growth without spoiling mother earth's virgin surface.


    The moon still holds relics from the dawn of the age of super-heroes. Here stands the Justice League of America watchtower holo-museum, perfectly reproducing the most famous structure of antiquity. At the posh watchtower hotel, one can view the parks and displays commemorating the ancient forebears of the Justice Legion A.


    Silver-spired cities and pink evening skies make it a favorite with newlyweds and romantics of every species. Sand-skiff cruises beneath the twin moons breath in an almost mystical feeling of tranquility and security that mars is famous for. Locals say it's the spirit of the legendary Martian Manhunter, looking after visitors and locals. (In fact, it is; J'onn merged with the planet some time ago.


    Where a ban on terraforming has kept the vast gas giant in its natural state. Floating in the storm-wracked, toxic jovian atmosphere is the force-field enclosed round table of Justice Legion A. Here is where the system's greatest heroes convene, on the mightiest of planets.

    Where Uranus used to orbit, is the awesome star citadel of Justice legion A's own Starman. Here the cosmic champion maintains the system's stellar supercomputer, Solaris, once infamous as the scourge of the Superman dynasty. Now the former tyrant sun is reprogrammed to process info-traffic and data streams across the system.


    In this watery world, the xeno-oceans are patrolled by the mighty mariner, Aquaman 1000000. Here, where entire cities of living coral gently ride the ocean currents, where aquatic life from all corners of the cosmos schools in harmony, one will find the finest accommodations. The most exotic resorts. Small wonder Neptune is among the most popular vacation destinations in the quadrant.


    Realm of the Batman 1000000. Within this cold, hollow world is the asylum where the system locks away irretrievably damaged minds and machines. As warden of this weird world, Batman keeps a tight lid on such meta-criminals as the dice god, Catwoman and the laughing virus. Visitors should exercise extreme caution. One must not forget to pack extra power icons just to be on the safe side.


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