Justice League Watchtower

    Location » Justice League Watchtower appears in 595 issues.

    The secret headquarters of the Justice League of America. It is accessible via teleportation tubes located in the JLA's public headquarters, the Hall of Justice.

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    The Watchtower has been shown as being on the moon, the base is supplied with the most highly advanced technology of many planets including Earth, Thanagar, Mars, Krypton, New Genesis and Apokolips as members hail from these various planets. It is made of promethium, a nigh-indestructible metal. Since it is not on Earth, it can be reached through the use of its teleportation tubes.

    Rooms in it include: The Hall of Justice, Promenade, Monitor Womb, Trophy Room, Armory/Hangar, Hydroponics, Aquarium, Power Core, Recreation Area, Holographic Training Room, Laboratories, Med-Lab, Technology/Engineering Workshops, Containment Cells and each members individual private quarters.

    First Watchtower

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    The first Watchtower debuted in JLA #4 during Grant Morrison's acclaimed run on the title. Its layout was shown when the super-villain Prometheus used his computerized helmet to download all of the information from JLA servers.

    Main areas are:

    • Solar Tower
    • Observation Deck
    • Laboratory Building
    • Armory
    • Steel’s Workshop
    • Hall of Justice
    • Monitor Womb
    • Hydroponic Forests
    • Aquaman's deep water tanks(connected via tunnels to surface pools)
    • Teleporters
    • Reception
    • Secure facility
    • Living quarters
    • Bulk teleport hangar

    Sub-divisions include:

    • Research Lab
    • Medical Lab
    • Martian Jumpshuttle hangar
    • Lounge
    • Kitchen
    • Dining Area

    Other areas include:

    • Engineering control
    • Trophy Room
    • Villain Gallery
    • Games/Recreation/Simulators
    • Gymnasium/Saunas
    • Pool(connected to deep water tank)
    • Park
    • Private teleporters
    • Air control
    • Tunnels to shuttle bay
    • Stairs to lower levels

    Second Watchtower

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    This Watchtower was rebuilt and redesigned after the Injustice Gang razed the original structure during the onset of World War III.


    Areas in the Watchtower are as follows:

    • Solar Tower- Photovoltaic cells convert sunlight to power Watchtower's operating systems.
    • Observation Deck-Accessible in elevator shaft in Solar Tower, Deck houses security scanners that monitor lunar landscape for interlopers.
    • Power Annex-Distributes power to base's circulatory nexus. Excess energy stored in redundant batteries for emergency life-support.
    • Exterior Panels-Virtually impenetrable promethium-reinforced titanium/verdanium loses little heat or energy to cold lunar near-vaccuum.
    • View-port- Liquid-crystal portals several inches thick provide unaltered view of moonscape.
    • Stellar Telescope-Optical arrays chart stellar anomalies and astronomical phenomena.
    • Guest Quarters-Living space for associated and reserve members, as well as authorized visitors.
    • Long-Range Scanners-Microwave and multispectral arrays monitor cosmic radiation levels and detect unannounced visitors to Earth's orbit.
    • Jump Shuttle Hangar-Martian-designed spacecraft repaired, maintained, and launched from self-sealing annex.
    • Steel's Workshop-High-tech foundry and lab includes secondary surveillance controls.
    • Armory-Secure vault for "last resort" weapons and other technological countermeasures.
    • Trophy Room-Contains mementos-some authentic, some facsimile-of JLA adventures.
    • Additional Storage-Spare parts, supplies, and items from previous headquarters kept here.
    • Hall of Justice-The JLA's meeting chamber.
    • Monitor Womb-Interactive computer systems monitor global mass media and feed "real-time" holographic displays around floating suspensor chair. League member on monitor duty assesses potential "trouble-alerts."
    • Teleport Tube-Sender/receiver unit utilizes "ambient matter" to teleport organic beings.
    • Living Quarters-Personalized suites for all active members.
    • Galley-Kitchen and dining area provides Earthly and extraterrestrial cuisine and is stocked with dietary requirements of each League member.
    • Bulk Teleporter-Larger teleporter unit transmits only inorganic matter, ferrying supplies to and from the Watchtower.
    • Central Hub-An external casing surrounds the shielded hub-core with its meeting and living areas protected by individual self-sealing air locks.
    • Spoke Terminus-Each of the Watchtower's three "spoke" wings can be hermetically isolated from the hub, or jettisoned using minimal ion-propulsion units to break lunar orbit during emergency egresses.
    • Gymnasium-Includes training areas and virtual-reality battle environments.
    • Pool-Low-saline pool provides exercise and relaxation for League members.
    • Arboretum-Endangered species of flora and fauna find safe haven in segregated micro-ecosystems.
    • Flight Bride-Contains navigational controls and flight-support systems.
    • JLA-1 Larger multi-seat sub-light shuttle takes off and lands like traditional aircraft.
    • Entry Port-Provides access for incoming ships to disembark in primary hangar.
    • Seismic Sensors-Early warning system to detect "moonquakes" in lunar substrata.
    • Primary Hangar-Launch platform and berthing for JLA-1.
    • CO2 Scrubbers-Sweep internal air systems for carbon dioxide, removing pathogens before feeding to hydroponic forest.
    • Hydrogen Generator-PODS backup power-systems split hydrogen atoms from mixed water for fusion in reactors. Oxygen by-product released into ventilation ducts.
    • Deep-bore Ice Miner-Extracts ice buried beneath lunar soil,cleansing and purifying resulting H20 for use throughout base.
    • Deep Water Tank-Stores fresh water produced by deep-bore ice miner in large aquifer. Adjacent artificial "hot spring" doubles as sauna.
    • Hydroponic Forest-Photosynthetic-reliant plants convert CO2 into oxygen, providing base with recyclable air supply.

    Some items seen in the Trophy Room:

    • Z'onn Z'orr Globe - Model reveals the White Martians' planned realignment of Earth's continents.
    • I.F. - The "implicate field" is a 32nd-century quantum technology weapon confiscated from the Lord of Time.
    • The Key's Key-Ring - A sample of the villains skeleton keys and psychotropic chemical injectors
    • The Royal Flush Gang - Over-sized playing cards replicate a two-dimensional trap once holding the Gangs Ten, Hi-Jack, Queen, King, and Ace.
    • Solaris - Illuminating facsimile of the 853rd-century tyrant sun, a super-computer defeated by the JLA and Justice Legion A.
    • Piranha Penguins - Justice League Antarctica encountered Adelie penguins bioengineered to have the teeth and voraciousness of Amazonian piranha.
    • Traumiel's Ashes - Remains of the angel loyal to Asmodel who was disintegrated by Zauriel's sonic scream are mounted on canvas with runes etched by Zauriel to describe the event.
    • Engine of Chance - Deceased quantum physicist Julian September's probability-altering machine, capable of re-ordering reality by a factor of "lucky" seven.
    • Kirby Dots - Bits of "dark matter" sealed in a vacuum chamber pending study.
    • Artificial Kryptonite - Radiation-depleted isotope of the rare element.
    • The Bug - Miniature model of Blue Beetle's scarab-shaped hover-ship.
    • Worlogog - Kyle Rayner's sculpted interpretation of the "Philosopher's Stone" - the reality-altering Worlogog that Lex Luthor wielded against the JLA.
    • Parademon Armor - Headpiece worn by Darkseid's elite flying stormtroopers
    • Prometheus' Helmet - The murderous mastermind's computerized helmet was scuttled by Batman after downloading its wealth of information onto JLA archive servers.
    • Amazo's Head - Deactivated central processing unit from one of the android's early prototype bodies.
    • The Ray's Crash Helmet - Spare helmet worn by Ray Terrill (The Ray), briefly a member of the Justice League Task Force before joining Young Justice.
    • Little Leaguers - Malicious micro-robot duplicates of the Justice League built by the Toyman and Abra Kadabra.
    • Brain Storm's Thinking Cap - This channels stellar energy to boost intelligence, animates objects, enables its wearer to hurl "star-bolts," and permits teleportation.
    • Starro Probe - Stasis tank keeps the Star Conqueror's face-hugging mental probe inert. Occasional feeding is required.
    • Power Battery - Replica of original Green Lantern Alan Scott's emerald power battery, carved from the meteoric Starheart, repository of the universe's random magicks.
    • Triumph - The Justice League's "lost" founding member William MacIntyre (Triumph) is forever frozen, transformed into a statue of ice for his treachery by the Spectre. Cooling units keep sublimation to a minimum, should the Spirit of Wrath choose to offer McIntryre a reprieve.
    • Trick Arrows - A sample of Green Arrow Oliver Queen's shafts.
    • Potrait Gallery - Holographic bank depicts constantly rotating assemblage of every JLA hero and heroine.
    • Gamma Gong - Dhorian dictator Kanjar Ro's paralyzing weapon. When struck, the Gong incapacitates anyone in its vicinity.
    • Superman-Robot Costume - Uniform worn by one of the robotic Men of Steel created by Superman to police the Earth
    • Batarangs - Working samples of Batman's signature weapon.
    • Blue Beetle's Weaponry - Compressed air-firing B.B. Gun; replica of first Beetle Dan Garrett's mystical scarab; hand-held remote for the high-flying Bug.
    • Wandjina's Labyris - Battleaxe belonging to " The Thunderer," a parallel dimension hero who perished stopping a Russian nuclear reactor meltdown after attempting to rid the communist nation of its deadly atomic arsenal.
    • Aztek's Helm - The late Justice Leaguer's sunmotif helmet was the source of his 4-dimensional powers. It remains in JLA possession pending a custody battle initiated by Aztek's former benefactors, the Q Foundation.
    • Martian Jump-Ship - Unaltered model of the Martian shuttle, seen in its primary configuration.
    • Key-Men - The Key's helper automatons with their clockwork motivators safely removed.
    • S.T.A.R. Labs Shuttle - Scale model of a prototype spacecraft rescued by the JLA.

    There are hundreds more items in the Trophy Room. The more dangerous items are stored in vaults accessible only to core JLA members.

    Note: The Watchtower was destroyed by Superboy-Prime and as such has been replaced by the Satellite Watchtower (in space) and the Hall (on Earth).

    New 52

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    The New 52 Satellite Watchtower orbits 22,300 miles above Earth. How it was built has been left unexplained. Areas shown thus far are a main meeting chamber, spacecraft bay, teleporter, and Monitor Center. The Watchtower is defended by several small warships.

    Other Media


    Justice League (2001 - 2004) DC Animated Universe

    The First Watchtower
    The First Watchtower

    Following the attack of Earth by the White Martians, Batman would donate a secret Wayne Enterprises satellite station that is orbiting Earth as the base of operations for the newly formed Justice League.

    The various members would utilize the Javelin-7 spaceplanes to shuttle back and forth. The Watchtower was subsequently destroyed in the season finale, "Starcrossed" by Batman, who used it to destroy a Thanagarian hyperspace generator that would have destroyed Earth.

    Justice League Unlimited (2004 - 2006) DC Animated Universe

    The Second Watchtower
    The Second Watchtower

    In the sequel series; Justice League Unlimited which would continue where the first series ended; the Justice League would build a newer and much larger space station, accompanying the radical expansion of the League as well.

    The new Watchtower is run by a vast support crew, possesses dozens of upgraded Javelin-7 space-planes, hosts a new teleportation transport system, and incorporates a powerful laser cannon. In addition, the Watchtower is defended by a series of smaller weapon sub-satellites.

    Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths (2010)

    The Watchtower appeared in the DC animated movie, Justice League Crisis On Two Earths, and it appeared multiple times throughout the movie. Such as when Superwoman went looking for something in the Watchtower.

    Within the Watchtower, there is a meeting room, a teleporter and a lot of space to store up equipment.

    Smallville (2001 - 2011) TV Series

    Smallville Watchtower
    Smallville Watchtower

    Computer whiz and bona fide genius Chloe Sullivan, utilized the pseudonym "Watchtower" when she acted as the eyes and ears of the fledgling Justice League. The Metropolis penthouse apartment, given to her by Jimmy Olsen, became the base of operations for Watchtower.

    After Chloe Sullivan resigned, the building continued to be known by this name, as it is was the home and headquarters for the Justice League, and the position was taken up by Tess Mercer.

    Young Justice (2011-Present) TV Series

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    The Justice League watchtower in the TV show Young Justice appears to be built into an orbiting asteroid of some kind, and serves as the Justice League's actual base of operations, as opposed to their Hall of Justice on Earth's surface, which is just a cover story. It contains a large meeting hall and ready room, where the teleporters are located; this is where the League receives most information, has it's main computer system, and has most briefings that we've seen in the show thus far. It is also the site of Vandal Savage's mind control of the entire Justice League, and where he controlled them from.

    It also contains at least one spacecraft bay.

    Justice League Doom (2012)

    The Watchtower also appeared in the DC animated movie, Justice League Doom. It was also in space in this movie as well. Within the Watchtower, there was a meeting room and a teleporter.

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    MK Vs DC Universe

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    The Watchtower is referred to as the "U.N. Satellite Space Station." In the game, it is an arena where Batman and other members of the League gather to fight against tyranny and monitor global threats. Although it is occupied by the League, the satellite was funded by the U.N., as a united global effort to protect humanity.

    DC Universe Online

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    This is perhaps the most detailed non-canon version of the Watchtower. True to comic origins, it is an orbiting satellite 22,300 miles above Earth that was financed by Batman and built by John Stewart. The following areas that inhabit the Watchtower are:

    • Monitor Womb: A holographic projector of the Earth is visible 24/7. This is where unstable regions and threats are analyzed and prioritized, allowing the League to coordinate appropriate responses in promoting democracy and stability throughout the planet.
    • Hall of Justice: Not to be confused with the "Hall of Heroes," the Hall of Justice serves as the main meeting chamber for core members of the League.
    • Hall of Heroes: This room contains three large statues of the League's "Holy Trinity,"-Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman.
    • War Room: This is a large facility dedicated to the training of all League members. Although most simulations are holographic, some require members to fight solid constructs that can actually harm them.
    • Hangar: Where the Watchtower's spacecraft fleet reside in case the League requires vehicles that are capable of interplanetary or interstellar travel.
    • Containment Facility: A highly patrolled area that serves as holding cells for the Justice League's most dangerous villains. Each cell is specialized to render the inhabiting villain's abilities inert and keep them in stasis.
    • Aqua-cultural Area: Room where many species(both human and alien in origin) of plants reside. They provide the Watchtower with a recyclable air supply.
    • Reactor Core: A nuclear reactor which powers the entire Satellite system.
    • Meta Wing: Training area for all Superhuman heroes that are mentored by Superman.
    • Magic Wing: Training area for magical heroes that are mentored by Wonder Woman.
    • Tech Wing: Training area for all heroes that uses technology that are mentored by Batman.

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