Justice League: War

    Movie » Justice League: War released on February 04, 2014.

    Justice League: War is based on the the initial run of Justice League in the New 52.

    zeroplus's Justice League: War review

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    Justice League: War Review

    Justice League:War wasn't something new for me, beacuse I already knew what's going to happen before the movie even started. However, this movie has some small differences from the comic. It has a lot of action mixed with comedy(Shazam being the funny guy). The animation was great, but i didn't like Wonder Woman's costume. Darkseid's voice was hilarious, I liked his costume too, even though it's different from his classic costume.

    The only bad thing this movie has is not having Aquaman. Overall i think this movie is worth buying, however I do not recommend this movie for kids, because it is a little bit violent. I gave it 4/5 stars.

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    Note: This is my first review, maybe it is too short and not very
    professional, however I would appreciate your comments and suggestions, thanks !

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