Justice League Unlimited #306

    Justice League Unlimited » Justice League Unlimited #306 - Dead Reckoning released by Cartoon Network Comics on February 18, 2006.

    Deadman seeks help from the Justice League becasue The Secret Society has stolen an orb of great power from Nanda Parbat.

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    Episode Overview/Summary

    The episode opens up with an elderly man sitting in the middle of a temple located within Nanda Parbat. The man senses that Boston Brand, Deadman, is in the temple with him which causes the ghostly hero to reveal himself. Deadman then questions the elderly man as to why he's still a ghost stuck in the mortal realm, explaining that he had already caught the man who had killed him over a year ago. The elderly man explains that it isn't Deadman's destiny to have caught the man who killed Boston Brand, but to avenge his own death.

    At that moment a division of super villains who are all members of the Legion of Doom teleport to Nanda Parbat. Included within the group are Black Manta/Devil Ray (his name is different due to copyright reasons), Lex Luthor, and Circe. Manta kills the guard who awaits them at the gates of Nada Parbat while Circe summons an entire army to aide the villains in their hostile takeover. The monks inside of Nanda Parbat explain that the villains are not allowed within their walls and tell them to leave, however the villains attack and the monks are forced to fight back, displaying incredible feats of strength & agility as they defend their city.

    The villains are out-numbered but still have more strength & defeat the monks with relative ease due to the powerful villain known as Bizzaro who uses his powers to defeat large masses of monks.The elderly man from the beginning of the episode then takes on the villains in battle, using his staff to block all of Black Manta's darts, however Manta uses explosive rounds to bring the roof down on top of the man. Deadman witnesses the death of the man who he now calls 'Master'. The Master tells Deadman that his journey has now come to an end but that they will meet again.

    Deadman, in a rage, takes over the body of Rampage and attacks Black Manta, sending him flying into Luthor. Circe uses her magic to discover that Rampage is posses by Deadman and then removes him from the body of Rampage. Circe then moves over to a large orb inside the main temple and removes an object that she calls the Heart of Nanda Parbat. Upon doing so all the remaining monks fall to the ground and the villains teleport out of the temple, leaving Deadman alone amongst the fallen warriors.

    Circe brings the Heart of Nanda Parbat to Gorilla Grodd who she has grown quite attached to due to him freeing her from a mystical mirror. Grodd and Luthor begin to argue and Grodd explains that the Heart is an exotic power source.

    Deadman is visited by Rama Kushna who tells Deadman that he needs to retrieve the Heart of Nanda Parbat to save the monks.

    The Trinity of DC, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman are all in the Watchtower deciding on dinner plans when Deadman comes and takes over Superman's body. Batman quickly figures out that Deadman is the one inside Superman's body and it is revealed that Batman had helped Deadman solve his own murder. Using Superman's body Deadman explains to Batman and Wonder Woman that he needs help on a quest of vengence, upon hearing that 'The Master' is dead Bruce becomes struck with grief as he was one of his martial arts teachers.

    Batman agrees to help but tells Deadman that they will deliver justice, not vengeance. Mister Terrific then uses the Watchtower database to help Deadman and the others find all the villains that were involved in the destruction of Nanda Parbat. Deadman explains that he can't directly locate the villains but knows they're somewhere in Africa. It is quickly decided that this means the villains have gone to Gorilla City.

    Batman calls Solovar who claims he was just about to call him, it turns out that Grodd and the other villains are attacking Gorilla City and Solovar has to stop communications. The group then beams down to Africa in order to enter Gorilla City and stop the villains. Unfortunately they arrive too late and a force field around the city prevents them from entering, Deadman however can bypass the field in his ghost form and enters the city to shutdown the shield generator.

    Deadman flies through the city witnessing a large battle between the villains and the residents of Gorilla City and eventually possess the body of Atomic Skull. He uses this body to shut down the force field around the city allowing Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman to enter the city. Deadman is discovered by Circe, Grodd, and Luthor and is expelled from Atomic Skulls body due to Circe's magic, causing Deadman incredible amounts of pain.

    Deadman fights against the magic as Circe remarks that she can't destroy him, however she banishes him from the building. Luthor sends Bizzaro after Superman while Batman and Wonder Woman fight alongside the Gorillas in an attempt to regain control of the city. Wonder Woman easily beats Rampage and is attacked by Black Manta. Deadman witnesses the fight and possess the body of Wonder Woman, attacking Black Manta while exclaiming that he killed 'The Master'. When Manta tells Brand/Wonder Woman to kill him he is spared because "that's not what the Master would've wanted".

    It then cuts to the villains and we find that Grodd stole the Heart of Nanda Parbat in order to create a devolution ray that will turn every human on earth into a Gorilla. The ray turns Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Luthor, and Circe into apes. Superman asks Grodd how to stop the machine but Grodd and the other villains leave through a portal, leaving the heroes alone with the machine. Superman destroys the machine and the souls that were trapped inside the heart are freed.

    The heroes turn back into humans and and Solovar comes to greet them. While the heroes talk with Solovar Black Manta enters the room and aims his blaster at Wonder Woman's head. Deadman spots the attacker and jumps into Batman's body, where he uses a gun to send Manta to his death. Rama Kushna then visits Deadman who explains that he has unbalanced the scales due to killing Manta and he must remain on Earth until he atones for his sins.

    It then cuts to Luthor who attacks Grodd & takes over his operation as the head of the Secret Society, thus ending the episode.


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