Justice League Unlimited #305

    Justice League Unlimited » Justice League Unlimited #305 - Flash and Substance released by Cartoon Network Comics on February 11, 2006.

    The Rogues plan an attack on the Flash Museum during Flash Appreciation Day while Flash, Batman, and Orion try to stop them. Linda Park tries to get an interview with Flash, but gets caught in the middle of the Rouge's attack and stranded along with him in the mirror dimernsion.

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    Episode Overview/Summary

    The episode opens up in a rather dark and dirty part of one of the Gem Cities. It follows the Top and another villain as they enter a bar, as Top moves through the bar various Rogues can be seen sitting at the bar such as Doctor Alchemy and Mister Element.

    The focus is then shifted to a table in the back where Captain Cold, Mirror Master, and Trickster are sitting. Mirror Master begins a discussion about how difficult life has been for them and how hard it's been to commit heists and robberies. Captain Cold goes off about how he needs some money to pay his mortgage or else his wife is going to make him work at a grocery market. The group is then interrupted as Captain Boomerang enters the bar and reveals that he was let out of prison early for good behavior.

    The group then begins to discuss past failures that they've had. Flash caught Captain Boomerang after he spent a month robbing vehicles and Mirror Master tries to debunk a rumor that Flash had beat him with one of his own weapons, a laser kaleidoscope. Trickster continues trying to join in but is dismissed or ignored each time. Captain Cold then explains that the city is opening up a Flash Museum in order to honor the Flash. The group then decides that they'll band together to bring down the Flash on the biggest day of his life.

    It then cuts to a forensics lab where Wally West works. He links a piece of evidence to a crook that the crime unit was trying to capture & leaves the office as he's taking a half day. He says goodbye to everyone and uses a Watchtower teleporter disguised as a copy machine and beams up to the Watchtower. Here he meets with Batman and Orion and convinces them to attend the opening of the Flash Museum after dropping several hints. After Flash leaves Orion shows curiosity as to why Batman let "that buffoon" manipulate him. Batman scowls and the conversation ends.

    Flash is then shown running through Central City, greeting all of it's citizens and thanking them for their appreciation. Flash passes a roller rink when he hears the voice of a small girl crying for help, as he enters he finds the girl sitting in the middle of the abandoned skating floor. As he goes to pick her up he finds out that she is a hologram and the doors all lock behind him, a trap set by the Mirror Master. A discoball falls from the ceiling and a disco track begins playing on the jukebox. Several lasers then come from the discoball and chase Flash around the skate floor, Flash gets hit but then begins to dance through all of them while Mirror Master monologs in the middle of the arena. Flash destroys the jukebox which then breaks the discoball, it falls on the Mirror Master hologram and Flash escapes.

    Flash is then at a large city-wide meeting where he is given the key to the city from the mayor who dubs it "Flash Appreciation Day". Flash gives a short speech and begins interacting with the crowd, however he and everyone else are attacked by Captain Boomerang. Flash tells everyone to clear the area and gets rid of the exploding boomerangs, unfortunately for him a giant rocket propelled boomerang then traps Flash and locks one of his hands to the device. The boomerang is set to crash into a mountain but Flash is able to redirect the course of the boomerang with his free hand. Batman and Orion then arrive on the scene and explain that they're going to follow Flash for the rest of the day to protect him from the villains trying to kill him.

    It then cuts to the Rogues who are discussing whose turn it is to next attack the Flash. Trickster explains his plan but is quickly dismissed by the other Rogues and Captain Cold decides that they should all attack Flash at the same time. Trickster is then left on the rooftop as the rest of the Rogues fly off on some sort of hoverbike.

    Batman, Flash, and Orion teleport to Flashes apartment building. Orion destroys a cardboard cutout of Flash and Flash quickly changes his uniform using one of the many Flash rings he has in a drawer. The trio then goes to the bar that the Rogues frequent, and send all of the Rogues running, in the crowd we see The Fiddler, Abra Kadabra, Doctor Alchemy, and Pied Piper. Trickster is left at the bar and after spotting Flash pulls out a "snot-gun" which shoots corrosive acid at the Trio, the gun's direction is changed and Trickster hits a pool table in the back. As Orion is about to beat information out of Trickster Flash stops him. Flash then talks to Trickster about how he hasn't been taking his medicine and that he needs to turn himself in, Flash says he'll even play darts with Trickster if he turns himself in to the hospital. Trickster says "got me again, Flash!" and the trio leaves.

    It then cuts to the Flash museum where Linda Park is getting ready for an interview. Batman and Orion are shown guarding the outside of the museum, Orion is still confused as to why the city is building an entire museum dedicated to Flash, Batman then states that Orion doesn't understand what kind of a hero Flash is. Inside the museum Linda Park pulls out a compact mirror to adjust her makeup before an interview with the Flash, Mirror Master then jumps out of the mirror alongside Captain Cold and Captain Boomerang.

    Batman and Orion rush onto the scene to help Flash fight against his Rogues as an explosive boomerang blows up 'The Turtle' display. Captain Cold freezes Orion while Mirror Master is trying to hit Batman with his laser pistol. Flash then attacks Mirror Master after he duplicates himself several times, however after finding the real one Linda Park falls into the Mirror World. Flash jumps inside to save her leaving Batman and Orion to fight the Rogues. Orion tries to punch Captain Cold but Cold dodges the attack and hits Orion with his freeze ray. Captain Boomerang then knocks Orion out using one of his explosive boomerangs.

    Batman tries to fight against Captain Cold and Captain Boomerang but Mirror Master comes out of a mirror in the floor and attacks him from behind, wrapping a wire around his throat. Batman frees himself but is shot in the foot by Captain Cold's freeze ray, tripping him. He then fires a flare into the Mirror World to help Flash find the right mirror to escape the Mirror World.

    Flash escapes and alongside Batman and Orion he is able to defeat the Rogues. Mirror Master tries escaping to the Mirror World but is stopped by Batman who shatters the mirror, trapping him in various broken shards of glass. The Central City PD comes onto the scene to arrest the Rogues and pick up the shards of glass that contain Mirror Master while Flash is in an interview with Linda Park. Linda is distraught that the museum was destroyed but Flash is just happy that everyone is safe and that he got to be on television.

    Orion thinks he finally understand that Flash "plays the fool" to hide the true warrior inside. Flash just tells him that he tries to make sure that nobody ever gets hurt and calls it a very good day, ending the episode.


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