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Major Story Lines

Justice league Canada

This story starts by showing alien scientists creating a baby with a human woman saying it's wrong, claiming it would change the universe, and being interrupted by Green Arrow, Martian Manhunter, Animal Man, Stargirl, Adam Strange, and Supergirl. Adam and Alanna embrace each other and the scientists claim it worked and they're too late, J'onns head strarts hurting, then every ones heads start hurting and we see an explosion. Three weeks earlier Animal man and Stargirl were meeting fans in Toronto Ontario where Adam Strange tells them the story of how he was on an anthropology dig with Alanna and a beam of light took her and showed them an alien skull and a strange machine that reacted with Stargirls cosmic staff and they flashed to a weird city and back. Buddy and Courtney Believe Adam and go with him to investigate, where Buddy can smell something and the find a mass grave and are attacked by aliens.

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They now introduce Miiyahbin leaving her school with her friend in Moose factory Island 5 km away from Buddy Courtney and Adam, her friend was trying to talk to her however she was very distracted and decided to go straight home like her granny asked. When she got home there was someone waiting for her asking for her help. Telling her that it was too late, that the Whitago is here, telling her to say the word as he transforms into some kind of beast, she then yells "KEEWAHTIN" and transforms blasting him with some sort of energy, he then transforms to look like her telling her that she can't run from herself, it then appeared as it was all a vision and her granny came to comfort her.

Adam Strange attempts to communicate with the aliens who attack him but Courtney defends him. Buddy is overpowered but he is saved by Green Arrow who showed up with Martian Manhunter, after they defeat the aliens Courtney admits she called them on her old JLA communicator. After a bit of bickering Ollie notices some snow looks fresher than the rest and J'onn comments on how even he didn't notice that and they discover a hidden base with aliens inside who recognize J'onn as a martian and implement a fail safe, a giant fire creature. The aliens teleported away and reported to their Lord Byth who was glad the martian discovered it and that it should keep things interesting. It was also revealed that Lobo was working for them, handling the prisoners, one of whom was Hawkman who Challenged Lobo as he opened the cell door.

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The giant monster most J'onn, Courtney, Ollie, and Buddy were fighting turned From flame of stone and continues fighting and knocks Adam Strange into the underground base where he finds an alien flight suit, raygun, and jetpack and joins the fight but loses control of the jetpack and flies away yelling. J'onn says Courtney's cosmic staff destabilizes it and it change shape a few more times while grabbing J'onn with Courtney chasing after them. Lobo and Hawkman continue to fight a long drawn out fight while Alanna takes a gun from a guard and leads other prisoners away. The fight with the giant creature continues and J'onn asks Courtney to keep blasting it with her cosmic staff(which changes its form) until its something solid he can hit, after it becomes wood and J'onn smashes it the rest of the League shows up and the reconstituting monster teleports to Rann along with all the heroes.

Byth who was disguised as Adam tricked Alanna into coming to him and she was captured again, Byth then tells her how the baby was made by combining DNA of her and all the other prisoners from across the galaxy together, they call him Ultra, the multi-alien, slayer of worlds. Miiyahbin and her friend Heather discover the base and explain that it was part of an old NATO radar base from the 80's, there they are attacked by the creature she saw before, flying, propelled by smoke, and takes Miiyahbin. On Rann the League continue to fight the creature and Animal Man is able to channel an alien animal, and when that fails to take it down, Supergirl shows up and destroys its arm with heat vision.

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Kara then says she will finish it off but realizes they are trapped, as is the monster, they were trapped by Sardath and a group who are there to contain the threat. He tells them that until they can be deemed safe they are his prisoners, to which J'onn responds by phasing through the stasis shell and telling him if he doesn't tell them what is happening he will tear off their psi-dampeners and find out for himself. Sardath releases them and explains that they were brought there by a Zeta Beam, and that he was one of the people who started the Ultra project, a project to create a being with the DNA of all the warring worlds to create peace. However Byth eventually discovered the plan and took all their work and planned on using it for himself. They Zeta beamed over to Byths main base and this is where we first saw them.

Miiyahbin wakes up frozen into the wall of a cave and an old man wakes her up calling her granddaughter. Miiyahbin is confused as he isn't her granddad, and asks who he is, to which he answers, he is one of "The Seven". Miiyahbin hears the Whitago coming back and begs for help, he tells her only she can save herself with a word. The man explains that the seven live within all "our" people, but she is special, because within her also lives the beast, the Whitago.

Sardath was able to Zeta beam the league, Lobo, Byth, and Ultra away from the satellite just before it was destroyed. Hawkman, Adam, Byth, and Ultra are teleported to Sardath, while the rest end up in the desert, but unknown effects took place using the Zeta on Ultra, as Alanna and Adam started switching places at random. Byth uses Ultra as a weapon and the League sees the explosion from where they are and head over to help, as soon as Adam and Alanna are near each other their they feel excruciating pain in their heads, so Sardath Zetas Alanna back to earth so she can be safe.

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J'onn orders Hawkman, Adam, and Animal Man to stay and help fix the Zeta core, and Green Arrow, Stargirl and Supergirl, Ollie ended up staying to help fix it. By the time they find Ultra he's already a toddler and aging much faster than expected. Supergirl rushes Byth and takes him away fighting him, and hitting him with her heat vision, while J'onn makes a psychic connection to the child, offering help which the child is glad to accept. In the capital city they cannot fix the Zeta core and it will explode soon, so Hawkman offers to fly it into the sky, asking only that they bury him on Thanagar before the core explodes. Lobo hits Kara with a car while she's distracted and helps Byth escape, before she goes to catch Hawkman's body, declaring him dead.

Back in Moosonee Ontario Alanna finds herself in the Bunker, and puts on a nearby suit that is just like Adams after hearing nearby sounds, and finds Miiyahbin's friend Heather and agrees to help find her. While following tracks outside they encounter the Whitago and Alannas blaster is able to deter it, however it keeps returning, so they hurry and are able to find the cave Miiyahbin is trapped in. They find Miiyahbin and offer to try and melt the ice, but she is just scared of what will happen when she says the word, as she knows only she can stop the Whitago, but as it approaches she knows she has to say it and is able to stop the Whitago with a single blast, shortly before passing out.

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After the explosion appeared to kill Hawkman, Thanagarian and Rannian officials argue over who is at fault and what to do with Ultra. Martian Manhunter tells them that the child is under his protection and their "war party" can try to take it from him, to which they reply they only want to take Kator Hol home. When Sardath says he will take responsibility for the child J'onn said he cannot allow that, their telepathic connection is the only thing keeping the child's temperament calm, and he is a being of unimaginable power, so he needs to be carefully monitored and nurtured, however they should be in close contact as Rannian science is more advanced than on Earth. Sardath then tells Adam that he will have to remain on Rann until they can figure out what happened between him and Alanna and how to fix it. Byth and Lobo highjack the transporter that's carrying Hawkman's body and Byth gives Lobo coordinates to the impostor Lobo. After the league in beamed back to earth they decide to stay as a team and agree on the name that Stargirl comes up with, Justice league United, after laughing that Justice League Canada would be ridiculous, shortly before Alanna rushed in the door holding Miiyahbin asking for help.

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