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    justice League United issue #4

    Justice League United issue #4 continue the same tone from all previous issue which is light and fun :) Okay now I will list down some things I like and don't like about the issue Pro: - Bromance between Animal Man and Green Arrow continue to be one of the reason this book is so good. Green Arrow and Animal Man is really the new Blue Beetle and Booster Gold. If DC ever decide to do spin off Green Arrow-Animal Man team up book written by Lemire, I will read it - Stargirl is good and likeable in this issue. The more I read about Stargirl, the more I like her. She definitely deserve her own comics series - Martian Manhunter is great. He is very good leader and at the same time the good father figure - I feel sad for Adam Strange. He might not see Alanna in very long time. Due to Zeta Beam problem, He can't see Alanna. He is trap on Rann while Alanna is on Earth - This book feels like homage to Silver Age era of comics Cons: - I don't really like Supergirl personality on this issue - Miyahbiin power is still confuse me. Thus her power is like Billy Batson ? You say magic word then you get superpower ? - The art is meh - Too much dialogue when the scene between Rann and Thanagar council that I just don't care Overall I give 8.5/10 for this issue and 8/10 for overall story arc. Justice League United Gathering To Protect The Galaxy ! :)

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