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From U.S.A to Canada! I remember being excited for the New 52's Justice League of America that came out last year. The team roster had me interested in that series but it didn't quite deliver and got cramped up with tie-ins and events like Trinity War and Forever Evil. Now Jeff Lemire brings a new Justice League out of Canada! Things are aboot to spice up!

The first thing I noticed was how a lot of the characters in the book had blue eyes and blond hair... Animal Man, Star Girl, Green Arrow, Supergirl, and even Adam Strange. Just an interesting observation. Even though this series is going to be cosmic-based, this fzero issue was much more grounded and set up what is to come. Most of the team formed together very quickly and easily. The story behind it is very simple. I really liked all the interaction between the characters. It looks like Jeff Lemire is taking this book in a much more lighter tone, which DC has been lacking. We also got to meet a new DC character. She is a Cree Canadian Female superhero! We did not see much of her in this issue. From what I have seen so far, she could be a fascinating character if used right. "Cough* Simon Baz *Cough*

The structure and dialogue could have been a lot better. These new cosmic Alien villains do not interest me that much. They felt cliche. Lobo also showed up at the end of the issue along with a former JLA member, and it looks like they are going to duke it out next issue. That doesn't really make me want to read the next issue. Not to mention, this is the terrible skinny prettyboy Lobo that I have no interest in. What the hell is DC thinking replacing Lobo like that?!?! The art was fine. Not great or horrible. It looks like the traditional DC house-style art.

This introductory issue for JLU didn't blow me away in any way, but it was quite satisfactory. I hope to see improvement in future issues. 7/10

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