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    roy the crybaby boy

    I've been trying to expand myself out of the Marvel Universe and chose the Justice League to do that.  Over the last couple months I've been following the aftermath of Prometheus' attempt tp destroy the league.   I really enjoyed that storyline and most of the preceeding issues. 
    The Good-
    The artwork isn't half bad.  I like the character of Cheshire and Arsenal.  The story has a really good premise.   There could be some workable storylines from this.
    The Bad-
    Whoever writes the "junky" parts needs to talk with a real drug addict.  Everytime we see his druggy friend I cringe.  Seriously the terms used and the ambience created in these scenes seems to be straight out of a 1950's drug scare tactic film.  This is seriously some of the worst writing I've ever read.  
    I'm also getting a little tired of Roy's crybaby attitude.  Grow a pair of nuts dude and move on.

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