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    J.T. Krul pens "Domestic Disturbance," the latest issue of the Rise and Fall series, featuring Roy Harper's return as Arsenal. Sharing the art duties on this issue are Geraldo Borges, Kevin Sharpe & Sergio Arino.

    The Rise of Arsenal continues the story arc from Cry for Justice, which saw Roy Harper (then, as Red Arrow) lose his arm and his daughter, Lian, to the villian Prometheus. Since then, Roy's body has been made whole thanks to a new prosthetic. However, deep mental and emotional wounds remain. The Rise of Arsenal follows Roy Harper as he deals with these losses.

    Issue #3 continues to explore Roy's downward spiral. 

     Events of the past are key to understanding the depth of this issue: 

    - Batman is Dick Grayson, former Robin/Teen Titan teammate of Roy's.
    - Cheshire is the biological mother of Lian Harper.
    - Lian has recently died from injuries suffered in the destruction of Star City, at the hands of Prometheus.
    - Roy has struggled with past drug addiction. 

    This issue sees Roy deal with these demons, all of which return to haunt him. Through his suffering, Roy has lost all sense of direction, worth and meaning. He is full of guilt, pain and rage. Consequentially, Roy looks for asylum and finds familiar outlets. Even heroes are vulnerable when dealing with loss.

    I liked the action and pacing of this issue (at least it was much better than issue #2). There were a few twists and turns I did not see coming. I thought the art was decent and the story was solid enough. Seeing Roy back in the Arsenal suit was bitter-sweet, a symbolic shift for the character, but a departure from his Red Arrow character. Admittedly, I prefer the 'Red Arrow' days from Meltzer's Justice League. However, I did feel a rush when he appeared as Arsenal the first time... again. The two-page spread at the center of the issue was great and added considerably to the story. I also liked the very appropriate roles both Batman (Dick Grayson) and Black Canary (Dinah Lance) played in Roy's story. I am interested to see how those relationships continue to play out in future issues. The pages with Batman were especially good. I felt the panels flowed and carried action well.

    I disliked what I considered unnecessary plot twists and dialogue. I felt that while the twist of Roy/Cheshire's fight might have been interesting, it was not critical and didn't add any real depth to the story other than shock-value. Also, was it really necessary to let the reader know about Roy's performance (or lack thereof) with Cheshire?    

    All in all, I thought this issue was better than issue #2, which isn't saying much. I'm anxious to see how they wrap up this mini-series in issue #4. I am hoping this character gets more and better attention. l feel Roy's character has much more to offer the DCU than this.  

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