Justice League Task Force #16

    Justice League Task Force » Justice League Task Force #16 - Losers! released by DC Comics on September 1994.

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    Return of the Hero, part 2 of 3. A Zero Hour crossover issue. Triumph, a silver age hero trapped in time, has returned looking for the Justice League of America. Unfortunately, the silver age Justice League no longer exists, and Triumph must make do with the remains of a disbanded Justice League International. Elongated Man and the JLI heroes do not believe Triumph’s story. Triumph is worried that if he has returned, then the Plasma Men he was trapped with will come back as well. Triumph fights the Leaguers, which prompts the ancient mage Arion to put a stop to them. Triumph and the former Leaguers make their way to Washington D.C., the site of the Plasma Men attack, while Fire finds founding Justice Leaguer Martian Manhunter. Fire finds the Manhunter, who comes to D.C., but who does not remember Triumph. Thinking the whole thing a trick, Manhunter drops Triumph. However, Triumph was right, and the Plasma Men have returned.


    • "DC Universe 19" one page advertisement piece with information on the upcoming Zero Hero mini-series. Plus, San Diego Comic-Con 1994. Included are dates, times and location of the convention.
    • Cameo appearances on the splash page by Superman, Hal Jordan, Barry Allen, Aquaman and Black Canary.
    • Page 16 panel 2 contains homages to Brian Augustyn and Mike Sekowsky.
    • Murray Boltinoff's passing is mentioned in two paragraphs of the letter column.

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