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Just read Justice League: Rebirth. Honestly, it was whatever. I guess it was a good issue in terms of building up the team, but the team is pretty much the same as it was before Rebirth, so I don't get why it needs building.

Sure, there are technically three new members. The two new Green Lanterns, who really aren't that cool. I read Green Lanterns #1 and wasn't blown away or anything. There is also the new Superman, who is actually the old Superman, but that takes a bit too much explaining. This issue doesn't really explain very much back story on the characters. I mean I guess you are supposed to know who everyone on the Justice League is, and even though Superman gets some time to reveal himself, his circumstances aren't very well explained.

This story is just really basic. It felt like the first episode of a kids cartoon. It was another recycling of the alien invasion plot, except here it didn't really have any depth. Though I did get the concept that the JLA always has to deal with threats like this, so it should feel recycled, it did not feel new. This Justice League team just feels like an extension of the old one, and it doesn't warrant enough of a change for a new volume. Before the new 52, the membership of the Justice League was very different and the new volume made sense because the team was overhauled. Here, I'm wondering why the Justice League even needed a rebirth? I guess because all the other series were getting one.

Okay, but the worst thing about this book is the art. Bryan Hitch is okay at writing. Like, the story isn't even good but the art is so much worse. DC really shouldn't let him draw his own books. His art is really bad. It is inconsistent throughout, and characters just look ugly on too many panels. If Bryan Hitch was always drawing Justice League, I would definitely stop picking it up.

Well, I will give this a C-. It's a comic book, but it isn't trying hard enough to be a good one. I did not absolutely hate it, but I sure wasn't very into it either. I will pick up Justice League #1 and see if the book improves, but otherwise this would be a great book not to read.


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