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It just took Hitch 1 issue to turn me off

Hitch gives us his first issue as writer of the main Justice League book and is a complete disappointment for both new and older readers as it fails to give us a decent story or a proper character introduction

In relation to the fisrt point, the plot is very simple and it revolves around and alien invasion from a giant squid monster that is also part machine that deploys millions of mini squids to mind control people. I believe this to be an homage to the League's first story where they fought Starro and it also reminds me of the opening arc of the JL cartoon where they stopped an alien invasio,; but unlike that last example, this story is very boring and the ending is so bad that instead it reminds me of those old Super Friends episodes with irrelevant plot. Old readers will find nothing new or of worth and new readers will find nothing to get excited about

On the other hand, Hitch does a bad job introducing us to the Justice League, what about the new Superman? where does he comes from, why was he hiding and not helping, what happened to the previous Superman? those are the questions you should explain on the first issue to new readers or to old readers who haven't been following this Clark's books; Hitch doesn't explain who are these 2 lanterns new readers probably won't know or what is their status quo for those who don't read the Green Lanterns book; Hitch doesn't give us anything about Wonder Woman, is she the daughter of Zeus and thats why she can throw lightnings or is there another reason? Diana herself may not know at this moment but a little info would be nice for those who doesn't know

Art is nothing spectacular and in my opinion I find Hitch's art very ugly as characters look old or lack detail; Im glad he isnt the artist of the book or I would not buy it at all and I hope Daniel's art can make me endure Hitch's storytelling

I think this could have been a much better story if Hitch focused on the discussion of the new Superman's origin and if he should be part of the League rather than just force him to join and make the others characters just accept him like nothing


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