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Justice League Rebirth #1 Review!

With all the great talent putting so much effort into these new DC books, I will admit that I had some high hopes for this issue. It was, in a way, marketed as the issue where the new Superman enters the Justice League to provide assistance and to get the League to take his life all in (after the death of their friend). With that in mind, I really figured it would be a few pages of him talking to the league, or at least a few panels on the league interacting with him, but from Superman's arrival to how the Justice League actually worked as a team I felt this book not only was underwhelming, but didn't make me interested in continuing this series at all.

What I did like was that there was some talk about this new Superman, and whether or not he should be with the League. However, it's never with Superman and the League, but the question that is asked throughout this whole issue which wouldn't have been bad if it actually answered or even gave a hint to an answer to that question. For the most part, this issue was the league asking questions on if this new alien leading an invasion is intelligent. And this is where the issue went down for me. The league's interaction was odd to say the least, but they didn't feel like the characters I have come to know in their individual titles. The thinking behind bashing the evil alien is very simplistic, and doesn't utilizes the team in a smart way. As characters, I felt we were only given the surface level to focus on the boring action. As a team, I almost didn't believe they were working in tandem and have been working for a long time, especially when they're repeating questions one after another.

When it comes to the art I found myself actually questioning if I thought it was okay, or just bland. I hate saying something is bland when there is some good panels, but when you draw the big alien overlord in a wide panel better than drawing the title characters in their close up panels then I have some problems. I kept wanting to see more details to these characters when the panels focused on them, but they either felt like it was done with as little detail as needed to be able to pass for artwork, or they just look plain awful (that Wonder Woman battle cry in particular).

Overall, this issue ended fast and I couldn't be happier for nothing in this issue did it for me. DC has been killing it with the recent slew of Rebirth titles coming to their second issues, but this Rebirth special didn't feel like it got the characters right, the art was mixed from okay to why, and the biggest problem for is that when the cover has better art, and action, than the issue itself then there's a problem afoot.


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Speaking of the cover, it almost feels like the League is looking at you (as response to your review, obviously) and they don't look very happy!

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