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Double Trouble

Claire Montgomery (ex-wife of Maxwell Lord), seeking to rebuild the superhero team she founded, the Conglomerate, ends up hiring a metahuman named Norman the Doorman to open a portal to another dimension, where she sees what look to be heroes helping people out of natural disasters. After he brings them to the main universe, Claire convinces them to act as the "New Conglomerate" for her in a charity athletics competition with Justice League International. The team is made up of Deadeye (a counterpart of Green Arrow), Fiero (Fire), Frostbite (Ice), Elasti-Man (Elongated Man), Element Man (Metamorpho), Scarab (Blue Beetle Ted Kord) and Slipstream (the Wally West Flash).

During the course of each of the matches, the members of the New Conglomerate exhibit a little more brute force in what are supposed to be "friendly" skirmishes, which begins to worry Claire. At JLI HQ, Oberon and a visiting Hal Jordan are watching the events on TV when Hal suddenly recognizes the members of the New Conglomerate. Pulling up a JLA case file on the computer, he recounts to Oberon a time where the original Justice League of America and the Justice Society of America fought against the Crime Syndicate, a group of Qwardians who mimicked the looks and powers of five Leaguers. Oberon asks what the connection is, and Hal reveals that the Conglomerate members share certain features with the Qwardian Syndicate, such as pink skin and larger eyes. Hal flies off to warn the team about this, and manages to get there in time to help them against the Conglomerate, who reveal their true natures. Claire gets Norman to open another portal back to Qward and the League manages to get them back into the portal.


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