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In the lead story, Sue's missing and the League helps the Elongated Man with the mystery. Story by Mark Waid, art by Eduardo Barreto. Back-ups include the Global Guardians by Kevin Dooley and Andy Smith, Power Girl by Paul Kupperberg, John Calimee and Pablo Marcos, and Blue Beetle by John Ostrander, Barry Horne and Scott Hanna.

Take my Wife--Please: Ralph discovers that Sue has gone missing and his only clue is what appears to be a first addition of "Land Baron" a board game similar to Monopoly. Inside the box instead of it normal pieces are small symbols of the Justice League members, Guy Gardner, Fire, Ice, Red Rocket and Flash. After calling the team for help, they head quickly to the "Baron Toys-n-More" factory where the game originally came from.

There they are attacked by a giant toy solider and an army of smaller soldiers. Once inside they meet Bartholomew Taylor, the man in charge of the factory. He show the team that their copy of "Land Baron" is fake and that their is a hidden ransom note writen on the lid.

The note leads them to the beach where they are attacked by a stranger on a boat who is able to knock the team out. They wake up in Darrow Penitentiary, a long abandoned debtors prison. Ralph is able to escape and rescue the rest of the team. And they find a clue that leads them to the Old Trolley Station where the kidnapper springs a trap. The team avoids disaster and Ralph thinks he has the man trapped when he disappears, much like Sue did earlier.

This is when Ralph proves he is the greatest detective and deduces that the mystery man is is J'onn and this was all part of Sue birthday mystery present. And he deduces that Sue pretending to be Ice the whole time and Kilowog was the one behind that traps. Not only did Ralph figure all this out but he proved to Sue later that when she first went missing he already know what was going on.


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