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Mr. Nebula, the invulnerable, omnipotent Cosmic Designer, has come to redecorate our planet. It'll take the combined power of the Justice League, G'nort, and the Scarlet Skier to keep him from giving Mother Earth the once-over.

A cosmically powered Mr. Nebula, a 'designer' with no sense of good taste or morals, comes to Earth to change everything. Justice League reserves barely stop the man until Martian Manhunter gets an idea. He shows Mr. Nebula the gaudiness of Las Vegas and claims the humans want to change earth for the 'better', starting with this city, on their own. Convinced by the lie and impressed by the lack of class seen before him, Mr. Nebula leaves the planet in peace.


  • "Designing Humans!" written by Keith Giffen and J. M. Dematteis, penciled by Tom Artis, inked by Randy Elliott, lettered by Bob Pinaha, colored by Gene D'Angelo and a "special thanks to Bruce Patterson inks * pgs 13-22."
  • "Running Hot and Cold!" written by Keith Giffen and J. M. Dematteis, penciled by Aldrin Aw, inked by Malcolm Jones III, lettered by Bob Pinaha and colored by Gene D'Angelo.
  • On page 49 "Tonight Andy Liv_ with Kevin D." is a homage to Andrew Helfer and Kevin Dooley.

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