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304066 SlamAdams Team 10/20/19 04:36PM 18 done
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303987 SlamAdams Team 10/20/19 02:17PM 36 done
303957 SlamAdams Team 10/20/19 11:13AM 66 done
303950 SlamAdams Team 10/20/19 09:54AM 28 done
272351 njg5595 Team 08/25/19 02:43PM 10 done
255430 Dr_Von_Villain Team 07/17/19 06:32AM 2 done
237387 njg5595 Team 06/05/19 07:25PM 2 done
182015 Dude9295 Team 02/23/19 06:22PM 2 done
83531 AustinHawkins Team 09/14/18 07:26AM 4 done
78514 seanuniverse Team 09/07/18 12:47PM 0 done
78025 Thor_Ul Team add info. 09/06/18 07:41PM 52 done
76215 N00beditor3 Team 09/03/18 07:18PM 33 done
58136 taylor_horndog Team Updated current lineup and added disbanded JLA 08/08/18 02:59PM 5 done
45193 Lan_Fan Team Adding stories and fixing the format of other version section. 07/13/18 07:37AM 0 done
42527 Lan_Fan Team Adding some context/story to DCEU version 07/08/18 06:26AM 0 done
42172 Lan_Fan Team Adding the directors of DCEU movies 07/07/18 10:44PM 16 done
42091 Lan_Fan Team I feel like this should be added to Justice League's wiki page. 07/07/18 07:18PM 76 done
28744 pikahyper Team 06/15/18 12:55PM 1 done
28734 Sky_Pirate2 Team Updating information on the Smallville adaptation. The previous stuff was only up to season 7 and lacked four seasons of information. Including the fact that the team we see on the show is actually the "Watchtower Network" and that the actual Justice League isn't formed until the concluding story of season 11. 06/15/18 10:11AM 37 done
9202 pikahyper Team 05/18/18 09:12PM 1 done
8930 DCArruda Team I changed the current events to actually reflect on the current events. The roster has changed since the events on metal. 05/18/18 03:03PM 7 done
2651 Flamingoboy404 Team Added in the current Justice League line-up and the current JLA line-up. 05/10/18 12:10PM 4 done

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