Your Justice League Roster Only Has 6 Slots, 5 Are Taken, And You Get To Choose The Final Member

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The Set-Up

In exchange for millions of dollars, WB hires you to streamline the Justice League property for film. Market analysis indicates that the first film in the franchise should not have a roster of more than 6 members. WB mandates that certain characters be included because they are proven to be profitable, are easily recognizable, or are easily marketable. WB wants the final member to be a black superhero because market analysis indicates that having a black hero on the roster will make the film more profitable by broadening its appeal. Who do you choose?

The Roster Thus Far

1. Superman

2. Batman

3. Wonder Woman

4. Flash

5. Aquaman

*6. Your Choice* - Must be a black superhero

Other Rules

1. The character you choose cannot be used in a way that undermines the usefulness of other members of the team.

2. The character you choose has to be a character who can headline a spin-off film; and so you are also tasked with identifying a compelling archenemy connected to your choice. This archenemy will be included as a member of the Legion of Doom in a Legion of Doom film WB plans to make.

Otherwise, you have free reign to make whatever choice you want.

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@ready_4_madness said:


Doesn't he pretty much break the spirit of rule one?

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Hal Jordan

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Villain - T. O. Morrow with Red Tornado

You're welcome Warner Bros.

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Martian Manhunter

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Black Lightning, Green Lantern John Stewart, Static, and Bumblebee all make excellent possibilities, but I think the ideal would be Vixen with her animal mimicry powers.

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Edit: Nvm

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