Why is Batman in the Justice League?

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I mean really why is he still in? Batman is a dangerous, violent, EXTREMELY paranoid, borderline psychopath, who has a "plan" to take down the rest of the JL if need be. Who does that? These are people he claims are his friends. If your best friend told you "By the way, I have a gun on me at all times just in case I have to kill you." Would you want to be around him? If I was in the JL I would have voted him out years ago.

He's also an arrogant asshole. He has a plan to take down the JL, but what gives him the right? Why does he think he's the only person on the planet whose smart or has the moral authority to make that decision? If they don't follow what he believes is the morally righteous pathhe get to kill them? Thats fascism.

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Well, he is a great detective and tactician. The team needs someone of his intelligence. Yeah, downplay the intelligence of others when Batman is around and sometimes give Batman superhuman feats... But lets be real..its because humans want to feel special. THese aliens and metahumans are 'gods' among men. How can an ordinary man compete with them? By having a strong will and determination! Anyone can become Batman just as long as they have the will power! Not anyone can become an alien.

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Good question. He doesn't provide much aside from intelligence and being the writer's fan favorite. I won't say too much though since we have a moderator that is the Jehovah's Witness of this site.

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Literally you just posted this nonsense.

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someone has to pay the bills

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Writer favoritism, $$$, so he can ocassionally beat up other members of the league.


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