Tyrese Says He Is Playing Green Lantern in BvS (3/15)

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God i hope they dont stick to the awful costume from the Raynolds movie

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@captain13: I'm ok to start with John Stewart but........I don't like Tyrese :P maybe I should see him with the beard. Idris Elba would be awesome, sadly he's a Marvel guy. I really don't understand why they've choosen Ray Fisher for Cyborg, just for the "Seven samurai" thing?

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Oh please no..... Even if I was ok with John Stewart as Green Lantern why make it worse by starring Tyrese. If you want Stewart to be a hit you gotta do better with someone who will do the character justice. I don't mean to sound like I'm hatin on Tyrese. He's good for what he has to offer but not for John Stewart

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@captain13: Why they didn't choose Will Smith as John Stewart? I really don't understand WB moves

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