Toy Fair 2013: Domo 'Justice League'

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I'm not sure when these were announced, if they've been announced before or not. I'm not the biggest Domo fan but I had to stop and take pics as soon as I saw these at Toy Fair.

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They come in different sizes. If you would have told me these were being made, I would have just rolled my eyes. Seeing them in person, it's a different story.

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I didn't see a Domo Wonder Woman. Maybe because she's a girl and these are boy plushies? Actually, I'm not sure what a Domo Wonder Woman would look like or if I'd want to see it.

You can see a few more pics in the full Toy Fair Gallery.

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My sister would love to get those, where can u buy these things?

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the classic bats one is really cool

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I continue to not get Domo.

Kids these days.... GET OFF MY LAWN!

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Hahahahahahaha, they look funny. And yes! Domo! That's what they are called! Now i can use that for an answer on a quiz app i have ;)

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The devil has a name and it's DOMO.

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The Flash looks orange...

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Can someone please explain Domo to me?

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@impossibilly said:

Can someone please explain Domo to me?

me also pl0x

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Domo is something to do with 7-11 right? I really have no idea, nor would i ever want to own one of these.

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Domo Batman! Domo Batman!! DOMO BATMAN!!!!

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Domo Flash!

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Hella buying a Domo Green Lantern.

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Haha, the domo flash is just all colored...

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@ThePRez said:


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Superman Domo for me.

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@FatihBATMAN said:

@impossibilly said:

Can someone please explain Domo to me?

me also pl0x

I had no idea either. Apparently he's the mascot for a Japanese T.V. channel.

I guess that explains why there are superhero versions of him...?

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